100% discount on Dubai traffic fines and make fine payment

100 discount on Dubai traffic fines and make fine payment

The Dubai government is offering significant discounts on traffic fines imposed on its citizens. Drivers who have to pay a fine for breaking the rules are given a discount of up to 100%.

The UAE Traffic Police regularly announce discounts on unpaid fines. Sometimes during Ramadan or UAE National Day, but this is not a permanent special. The discount began with a decree issued in July 2010 that allowed the UAE’s transport and police departments to provide discounts. There is no exact formula for determining when, where, and to whom a penalty discount applies, but usually the discount applies to:

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All UAE residents (foreigners and UAE citizens), except for residents of certain emirates.

Vehicles registered anywhere in the UAE, excluding vehicles registered in a specific emirate.

Fines were imposed only by the traffic police department that issued the ad, for example by the Dubai Police in Dubai.

We are not aware of any discounts due to nationality restrictions (yet).

Dubai RTA, Sharjah RTA, Abu Dhabi Ministry of Transport, Dubai City (DM) have not (yet) provided any discounts on their imposed fines. These are the authorities that impose fines for parking, public transport, etc. Traffic police impose speeding fines and other driving-related fines, parking fines if you obstruct traffic, etc.

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Discount on traffic fines in Dubai

Motorists are offered a discount of up to 100% on fines. Discounts offered depending on the driver’s profile and how well they comply with the traffic rules in Dubai over the next 12 months. (Proposal for 2019-2020).

  1. Observe traffic rules for the next 12 months – 100% discount
  2. Observe traffic rules for the next 9 months – 75% discount
  3. Next traffic rules next 6 months – 50% discount
  4. Next traffic rules next 3 months – 25% discount
  5. Discounts will be added when motorists pay traffic fines.

How to get a penalty discount on traffic in Dubai?

Motorists can remove traffic fines in Dubai online, at kiosks or service centers.

  • Motorists can visit the RTA portal
  • Enter the license plate or permit number or fine number or traffic file number.
  • You may be looking for a fine that you have to pay
  • If there are several, you can choose the one you like and clear it first
  • The discount amount will be added depending on your profile.
  • Save the online receipt for reference.

If you want to pay through a self-service terminal, you can follow the same procedure. Motorists who collect fines online or through self-service kiosks can only pay with a credit card.

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How to pay fines in Dubai?

Fines can be paid in Dubai in a variety of ways, such as online payments, through mobile apps and visiting a police station.

Steps to pay online fines in Dubai:

  1. Visit the Dubai Traffic Police website
  2. Go to the “Transport Payment” section.
  3. Enter your license details
  4. Click “Search”.
  5. Check and select the penalty to be paid
  6. Payment

Please note when you take advantage of Dubai traffic fine discounts:

  1. This applies to fines for traffic violations.
  2. Only vehicles registered in Dubai are eligible for this discount.
  3. No discounts on parking tickets
  4. Drivers who have lived outside the UAE within 3 months after violating traffic rules are not eligible
  5. Car rentals, vehicles from public or private transport companies are not eligible for discounts.

Dubai has introduced a 0% payment plan for fines for traffic violations in Dubai. This service is suitable for credit card holders of certain banks and can be used to split a payment into equal monthly installments. Read on to find out what the Dubai traffic fines are paid, which banks are providing the service, and why the Dubai Traffic Fines Discount Program has ended.

Installment in Dubai

To reduce the burden on motorists from traffic fines, Dubai has announced a more affordable way to pay fines in the UAE. Those who own a private car and have to pay one or more fines can pay through the UAE Bank under an interest-free repayment scheme.

Available all year round, Dubai residents who have registered a credit card with any of the following banks will be able to use the service:

  1. First Bank of Abu Dhabi (FAB)
  2. Emirates NBD
  3. ADCB
  4. Emirates Islamic Bank
  5. Islamic Bank of Dubai
  6. Standard Chartered Bank
  7. Commercial Bank International

Eligible drivers can pay off traffic fines in 0% installments for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. This offer applies to any unpaid fines of AED 500 or more. The terms of payment of the fine depend on the bank.

These discounts on Dubai traffic fines are intended to hold them accountable while driving. This will allow them to drive safely, keep clean records and avoid traffic fines.


  1. Hi
    Due to current situation I lost my job and need to renewal my vehicle before 11th august but lot of fines on my vehicles which I can’t able to pay and I don’t have credit card also to pay by installment. Is that possible I renew my vehicle without pay the fines.

  2. Plate nbr P35239 good morning sir I got a fine 800 dhs on 1of August Sir I don’t have money to pay this fine I am not get salary last 2 months I am working as sales man I am not get bissness last 2 months I have lot of problem my life I don’t no what mistake I Dun pls forgive me pls delete my fine from your system I never repeat again this covid time I am getting only half salary pls help me

  3. Hi sir i have my license there is three fine of 2018 i cant pay that i pls can b discount on that fine i can pay half i can’t pay all i want to renew my license

  4. Sir,i was on my to Abu Dhabi,I had to go rest room urgently I didn’t even put my vehicle off,just went and came got the fine for wrong parking,coz there was no parking available.I spoke to the police personnel and explained him the urgency,but he said he already imposed the fine.
    Sir can you pls help me.

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