Best 5 low interest rate credit cards in Dubai

Credit cards are always a tricky business and should be only considered if you really need them. Many people get into trouble by not being able to manage their credit card usage and with so many banks offering different options on credit cards, it sometimes becomes really hard to understand which one is offering the right set of benefits to you and what can you do to avoid the additional fees some banks charge. Before getting a credit card make sure to understand all terms and conditions and really evaluate your choices. The low interest credit card in Dubai is the best way people are searching for to get less burden while paying extra amount.

The interest rate of credit cards is also a major, perhaps the biggest concern as opting for the wrong credit card could get you into paying much more than you really should be. 

We have compiled a list of credit cards that are great on benefits and another list for low on the interest rates to ease your burden. 

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The 5 low interest credit cards in Dubai UAE:

  1. CBD world master card  (1.5% interest rate)
  2. AMEX The American Express Gold Card (interest rate is 0)
  3. Dubai Islamic Bank Johra Gold Premium Credit Card (1.95% interest rate)
  4. Citibank – Citi Prestige (2.79% interest rate)
  5. Emirates NBD – Go4it Gold Credit Card (3.25% interest rate)

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The great on benefits lists include:

1- Najm Platinum Credit Card:

This is a card best suited to you if your major spending arena is watching movies. There is a buy 1 get 1 free offer at VOX cinemas. This credit card would ensure to please the movie geek in you for sure with minimal interest rates and great cinema offers.

2- Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Credit Card.

This card offers the best cashback rewards and you can earn up to 10% cashback on Supermarkets, Education, Dining and Telecom. If you think your credit card usage is going to be mostly concerned with getting grocery and restaurants etc. then this might be the card you’re looking for.

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3- HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

There is a zero percent interest applied on the first 6 months of this card and then nominal rates are applied going forward.

4- ADIB Signature Card

Perhaps the most needed one for those who like to travel a lot, ADIB’s card offers a 10% discount on hotels- 7% discount on car rentals through cashback on the flight- 4% cashback on fuel spends & much more.

5- FAB Etihad Guest Credit Card

Another card that offers major benefits to travel geeks. There is a whopping 75% Etihad Guest Miles discount voucher along with 110,000 Etihad Guest Miles as a welcome bonus-over 900+ airport lounges, airport picks up and various other benefits.

There are a number of other banks offering great credit cards offers and before finalizing on your choice, make sure to go through available option as interest rates can be revised as well and banks keep updating everything. Make sure you’re updated and aware of any changes in policy before you pick a bank to get a credit card issued from. The above is the list of low interest credit card in Dubai which help you to get the maximum benefit of the card.

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