Top Car Insurance Policies in the UAE

Car insurance protects the customer from a huge financial loss, basically, customer pay a premium, monthly or usually to the insurance company and in exchange if you get into the wreck, the insurance company will help you cover your losses.

Car Insurance Coverage’s In UAE:

Car insurance includes three different types of coverages which are as follows:

1.    Property – which will pay if your car is stolen or damaged.

2.    Liability – which pays for legal obligations to others for bodily injury or property damage.

3.    Medical – which pays for hospital bills, rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages or funeral expenses.

Things to check before buy Car Insurance:

Customer will get coverage that depends upon different things such as car value, ownership, and potential damages. When you are getting insurance from the authorized company in UAE, you should check the following things:

1.    Off-road driving cover

2.    Coverage money

3.    Windscreen protection

4.    No claim bonus

5.    Accident cover for driver and passenger

6.    Agency repair

7.    24/7 roadside assistance

8.    Age restriction

Car Insurance Policies in UAE:

There are different types of car insurance policies, that are, first-party insurance, second party insurance, and zero depth insurance but mainly two types of insurances are used in UAE which are given below:

1.    Comprehensive/Standard car Insurance – In this insurance policy if you had an accident with another car or person than both parties will get the benefits. Company will cover legal liability, medical expenditures and property losses of both parties. 

2.    Third party Insurance – Third party is basically the other person, for example, if you hit the car with your car then if you have third party insurance you will never get any type of coverage but the third person will get medical and accident cover from your insurance company. It is mandatory car insurance as per UAE law.

AIG auto insurance is one of the top insurance in UAE.  As it covers all kind of motor vehicles including motorbikes. Car insurance is the plan that you and your car against unforeseen risks. Whenever the unfortunate incident occurs get yourself into a safe position zone and call insurer AIG.

Why is AIG is the best Car insurance in UAE?

Because when your car is fitted with new original parts when it is repaired due to an accident which you have to bear a cost out of your own pocket but with AIG customer has the option to top-up a little bit on your auto insurance premium so that you would not have to worry about this cost anymore.

Secondly, in windscreen coverage, AIG not only repairs or replace your windscreen but it also covers windows, sunroof, moon, and even the tinting.

Thirdly, AIG gives Special perils, it is coverage for natural disasters such as floods, storms, earthquakes and so on.

Fourthly, AIG also gives No Claim Discount to their premium customers. These car insurance policies are valid for 13 months.

There are some other top car insurance policies in the UAE, which are as follows:

Noor Takaful Car Insurance

This insurance provides you the best coverage against loss or damage, it is one of the most popular insurance among the customers.

AXA Car Insurance

it is ranked as the best insurance in the world and one of the leading insurance in the UAE region. if you buy this insurance online you are able to avail a 10% insurance discount. it also provides the same damage and loss, for claiming you need to calla at AXA customer service number at 800 AXA (292).

Oman Car Insurance

Oman Car insurance is a regional leading insurance company with over 25 years expanding and provides the motor insurance to their customer not limited to Dubai, UAE and other MENA region. Oman insurance also provides loss, damage, and liability for its customers.

Al Fujairah National Insurance Company 

Al Fujairah Insurance provides its service same as other insurance covering but working in the region from the last 40 years and providing its services and offers time to time. The company most located on the east side of the UAE and provide motor insurance and another kind of insurance to its customers

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