Cheap storage facilities in Dubai

Cheap storage facilities in Dubai

Self-storage cost in Dubai is lower than in-office or commercial premises, save money. Self-service users in Dubai can usually find properties nearby. Customers or users as self-service managers trained by us gain additional service value it is recommended to store items more efficiently in a smaller space, thereby reducing costs.

Finally, some storage companies insist that you rent them out for a minimum amount of time.

Others, like First Removalist, provide flexible terms. They will tell you what documents are required, what methods of payment are accepted, Does this includes locks and packing materials, and any storage and non-storage restrictions. This will make your movement more direct and avoid unnecessary complications.

One of the many benefits of living in Dubai is the ease of development from one property to another. A vibrant organization in Dubai thrives, providing you with great management so you don’t need to feel pressured to move on.

There are many reasons why people decide to move to Dubai or other emirates. It doesn’t matter what your explanation is, or are you planning to leave Dubai, or are you planning to relocate your furniture to Dubai, or are you just looking to rent out storage space?

If you’re looking for the best budget storage in Dubai that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, we’ve rounded up the cheapest storage in the city.

Easy truck

Easy truck has been operating in Dubai for 11 years. It was founded in 2009 as a professional transport company. In 2011, she started working in the warehouse business. In 2013, a Dubai-based company combined their expertise to create a mobile warehouse. Its self-service storage compartment is completely sealed and made of high quality plywood to keep dust, pests and mildew out of your belongings.

There are many storage options to choose from: mobile containers, mini-containers, self-storage, on-site storage, and commercial storage options. Easy truck can do everything for you if needed, from packing and storing to unpacking. Prices for a 30 square foot capsule start at AED 505 per month.

The box

The Box was founded in 2009 and currently has over 30 warehouse facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Provides a wide range of services, including contactless pickup and packaging. All you have to do is leave your belongings away from home and the team will take care of the rest. The storage facilities can be accessed 24 hours a day (of course, after the removal of any restrictions), and other features include adjustable climate control, constant monitoring and security. The cost of the 16 square foot space starts at AED 350 per month, while the price for the 300 square foot space has risen to AED 3,780.

Self-service shop

Next on our list of warehouse space in Dubai is Self Store, which offers some of the largest warehouse space in Dubai. You can rent anything from mini lockers up to 800 square feet. The storage space depends on your needs. The vaults at Self store Dubai are open 24 hours a day, protected by door alarms and security cameras.

Extra space Dubai

Extra Space strives to meet international standards for storage and transportation, including shipping, not only in Dubai but worldwide. The vault monitors various door alarms, and long term storage plans are not considered either. 10 square foot lockers start at AED 200 per month.

800 storage and movement

800 Storage & Movers was founded in Dubai over a decade ago and understands your storage needs very well. Whether you want to store personal files or larger household items, all items are detailed in the checklist table. There are three storage facilities to choose from in Dubai and the local company is also offering companies a 30% discount. Like the other companies mentioned, it also has 24/7 monitoring and delivery service. The standard pantry is 75 square feet and prices start at AED 455 per month.

Storage solution

Storage Solutions is another long-standing data storage company in Dubai. Storage Solutions has been approved by the Civil Defense Authority, has extensive fire alarms and 24/7 access to CCTV-monitored facilities. A 50 square foot storage unit starts at AED 500 per month.

On the move

On The Move started out as a moving and delivery company. He soon expanded his business with the addition of 6,000 square feet of modern warehouse space and warehouse space of various sizes that you can rent for personal and corporate use. It turns out to be a great choice for storage in Dubai. The vaults are completely isolated and protected by CCTV cameras.

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