Document Attest – UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Document Attest - UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For foreigners in Dubai and the UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is the office that stamps your public documents so that the UAE government can accept the documents for further document processing if required. Attestation of the document my MOFA UAE is a legal stamp that shows that the papers are original and can be used in places if needed. Whether you are applying for a husband/spouse visa, family visa, work visa, etc., and you need to submit documents to the governing body (your employer or UAE government). But before accepting these certifications, they will require you to go to MOFA for accreditation.

To authenticate your documents, you can rent the service, or you can go to the Bur MOFA office to perform the service yourself.

The process

As long as the documents you submit are legal, the UAE will certify your country documents quickly. It depends on the situation, at times your document may not be accepted immediately because it might need to be verified in your own country first. The staff at the office will advise you accordingly.
Example of documents that need authentication by MOFA are:

  1. Transcript of Records
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Wedding certificate/marriage contract
  4. University Diploma/degree
  5. Other Government Documents

With the MOFA seal, this means that the UAE has approved your document, and now you can submit the document to any governing body that needs these certificates first. Whether it is for your job or applying for visa sponsorship.

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