Du Packages – Data, Voice, Prepaid and Postpaid [Detail Guide]

In case you’re new in Dubai and have no clue about the proceedings and how things work here, we’ve got you covered. The first thing you must do is get an internet package, no compromises on that. If you want to roam around in the city and be able to find various tourism spots or even where you’re staying, you’ve got to need a good internet connection; there are no second questions in that.

Du Internet Packages

DU offers relatively better internet packages than its competitors and that’s one of the reasons that it is as big of a hit as it is. Internet is a must for staying connected with friends and family and DU serves as the ideal platform to do so. The following plans offered by DU that is inclusive of 5% VA. Pick the one that best suits your needs.

Du Postpaid Internet Packages

DU provide the best internet packages to its customer, you can choose a number of postpaid internet packages like for 1GB @ 50 AED, 3 GB @ 100 AED and 10 GB @ 200 AED.

Data allowance Amount Type  Validity How to activate? (SMS code to 5050)
1 GB AED 50 Recurrent Monthly Data 1GB R
3 GB AED 100 Recurrent Monthly Data 3GB R
10 GB AED 200 Recurrent Monthly Data 10GB R
40 GB AED 500 One-off 30 days Data 40GB O

All above price excluding of VAT 5%

Du Prepaid Internet Packages

DU also provides the best-prepaid internet packages by using AED 25 200 MB, 500 MB @ 55 AED and 1.1 GB @ 110 AED

Price (Inclusive of 5% VAT) Full Data Free Social Data Validity
AED 25 200 MB 200 MB 30 days
AED 55 500 MB 500 MB 30 days
AED 110 1.1 GB 1.1 GB 30 days
AED 210 5 GB 3 GB 30 days
AED 525 25 GB 15 GB 30 days

All above price excluding of VAT 5%

Monthly Data and Call Packages

DU provides data and mins packages with quite attractive for its customer what the best budget suits you. Du provides outstanding voice and data packages without any limitations with the cheapest packages for its customer so they can enjoy all in one place.

The best thing is Du provides data packages for AED 100, 150, 50 and 35

Price (inclusive 5% vat) Flexi Mins Data How to Subscribe? Validity
AED 150 150 3GB + 3GB Free Dial *135#3#1# 30 days
AED 100 100 1.5 GB + 1.5GB Free Dial *135#3#1# 30 days
AED 50 30 750 GB + 750 GB Free Dial *135#3#1# 30 days
AED 35 15 500 MB + 500 MB Free Dial *135#3#1# 30 days

Du Tourist Packages

If you are visiting Dubai and no need to buy local sim, then you can also enjoy DU tourist SIM. With the DU tourist sim, you can enjoy the best data and Flexi minutes to call you’re loved once in your home country.
Either you want to search Dubai travel locations, hotels, uber or anything DU tourist sim will help you out.

Price (inclusive 5% vat) Flexi Mins Data How to Subscribe? Validity
AED 55 20 500 MB Get Tourist SIM 7 days
AED 75 40 2GB Get Tourist SIM 14 days
AED 110 50 3.5 GB + 1 GB UAE WIFI Get Tourist SIM 14 days

DU PostPaid Monthly Packages (Contract)

Du Postpaid Packages Monthly (Without Contract)

The procedure for getting these packages is pretty simple as well and involves dialing 1354# from your phone. Simple instructions are provided that can be followed and your package will be done in no time.
DU also offers other packages such as the friends and family bundle and it lets you get a whopping 1000 minutes internationally in just AED 69. The activation is 13590# and you’ll be subscribed to one of the best bundle offers out there.

There are a couple of other packages as well and a quick google search would take you to their website and make things even more clear for you. DU has for sure built itself as a very customer friendly brand and it delivers on customer convenience and support. Get a DU package today to avail the best services.


  1. I want to load may friend from dubai but im here at saudi arabia. What recharge card i use to load my friend? Thanks

  2. Please, I need a prepaid data plan of upto 1GB with subscription which is limited to when I wish to buy the service. Not recurrent package.

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