Dubai Police Fine

Dubai Police is today’s most forward-thinking Arab police force and progressive force. It is the highest educated and equipped with over fifteen thousand strong force in UAE. Dubai is home to various nationalities, so every people has its own style of living. So to avoid any mishap in Dubai, Dubai police serves 24/7 with man force and through a camera system. The force was the first to use many new techniques of law enforcement, including electronic fingerprinting and DNA testing. The force was also the first to find stolen vehicles using GPS systems. Now the Dubai police are working on the robotic police officer to reduce man force and to increase their work efficiency. There are several rules that are set up by Dubai police in order to make the city clean, safe and worth living. Traffic rules of Dubai police are the most strict rules in all over the world. All the violations result in penalties. These penalties consist of fines and black points which you have to pay.

First I will tell you about major traffic fines. The Dubai Police is following stringent drinking and driving measures. The rule clearly implies that if you had a drink, instead of choosing to drive yourself, you’d better take a taxi home or get a lift. This is because if a blood-alcohol test fails, you’re sure to spend the night in a police cell, followed by trial court visits. In addition, your insurance will also be canceled automatically. In addition to speed bumps indicated in yellow, speed cameras and radars are often seen on highways. In fact, there are average speed and stop distance traps that are introduced to catch speed drivers who slow only when they notice speed cameras.

Most of the crimes like theft, murder, deception, and fraud, etc incur a huge penalty as per Islamic rules. They have to face court trials and to pay severe fines decided by a court. There are some fines in Dubai that you might not know, like littering with cigarette butts and spitting on streets, parks and any other public place will result in the fine of 500 AED. Distribution of message cards on doorsteps and windscreens of parked vehicles are strictly prohibited. 1000 AED will be fine for any disposal of waste in public places.

Dubai is known in the world due to its beaches so rules on beaches are very strict. You cannot dispose of any general or organic waste in the sea, beaches, creeks or in ports and you can install ads, prints, or any other publications on beach houses. These violations can cost you 500 –  1000 AED fine.

So if you want to avoid the fines in Dubai, just read our article properly and do not drink or drive, pay by the meter if you are in a metered parking area. Make sure the time on the ticket expires and set an alarm on your phone so you don’t forget if you need to answer an emergency call while driving you better maintain a Bluetooth or a hands-free kit or a headpiece. You will surely be fined if you use your handset and your seat belt must be used to ensure safety, and if you don’t wear it you can get caught.

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