Top 20 ways to earn money online in UAE

Top 20 ways to earn money online in UAE

Living in UAE and maintaining a good lifestyle can be expensive. But in this era of technology, everyone can earn sitting behind a screen with an internet connection. There are plenty of ways that you can adopt to earn money online in the UAE. 

Thinking about how can you earn online? Let us give you twenty different options to choose from!

1- Be an influence on social media

Social media has become a tool for everything. If you have a lifestyle that can influence others, you can earn online by becoming a social media influencer. Just create an account on any social site and start raising your voice. Once people start taking interest in your influential content, you will receive monetary benefits from that website. 

2- Youtubing

Many people in the most underdeveloped areas of the world have started earning through YouTube. All you must do is identify what you are good at. For example, if you have expertise in a certain subject, you can start making videos to teach it on YouTube.


3- Teach online

Learning and teaching have always been a necessity but nowadays it is easier to gain profit from this profession. If you have the skill to teach others, you can provide online tuition and earn a handsome amount just by sitting at home. 

4- Sell the preloved clothes

If you are a shopaholic and keep on buying new stuff, you can use your old things to make some dirhams. Your thrift can become someone’s favorite!

Just take some good pictures of your preloved clothes, shoes, or bags and upload them on a social portal. 

5- Freelancing

There are many websites like Freelancer, Fiver, Guru, and Upwork, etc where you can sign up to earn money online in the UAE. You can sell your work at your price. You can sell any skill you have like graphic designing, content writing, app development, etc.


6- Blogging

Are you good at writing and want to earn through it?

Blogging can be an option for you. Just log in to your favorite blogging site and start typing your blog. This will let you polish your talent and earn through it.

7- Photography

Earning through photography has become a trend in UAE. SmugMug, Fotolia, and Shutterstock are a few online platforms that pay you for uploading pictures on their site. The amount you get depends on the quality of the image, or the number of downloads it gets but still, it is an easy way to earn through your passion. 

8- Deal in your crafts

If you are an artist who has filled up his home with arts and crafts, it is the time to earn through them. You can earn a good amount of cash by selling your masterpieces online. Many portals allow you to sell and buy paintings, crafts, and home decor online. 

9- Share your recipes

Don’t waste your art of cooking by keeping your recipes to yourself. Make your cooking videos or write detailed recipes with a yummy picture of your food. Upload them on social media and you can earn through them online. 

10- Earn through pay-to-click websites!

If you are not good at typing or writing and want to earn through easy sources, PTC websites are the right option for you. Some valid websites allow you to click on the ads and the money you get depends on the clicks they get. 

11- Become a travel agent

A knowledge of certain places and good contacts with hotels and restaurants and you are good to become an online travel agent. Help tourists plan their holidays and visits by referring to some good hotels and airlines. If they book through your reference, you can get your share online. 

12- Be an online assistant

An online assistant is no different from a regular office assistant. All you have to do is plan your boss’ schedule, meetings, and visits virtually. You get the job done online and get paid for it. If you have experience being an assistant, you can opt for this option sitting at home. 

13- Share your fitness routine with the world

Are you physically fit and have enough knowledge about devising your exercises?

You can earn money online in UAE by sharing your fitness routine, tips, and ideas with the world on online portals. Exercising at home with no equipment or doing yoga does not require any investment. Just your knowledge and an internet connection are enough to make you earn some money. 

14- Online Marketing

Online marketing is a commonly used term these days. Digital marketing and e-mail marketing are a few examples of it. Many companies and NGOs are looking for online marketers to boost the sale of their products. If you want to earn money online in UAE, online marketing is the best option for you. 

15- Fill out online surveys

A simple and easy way to earn the money sitting on your couch is by filling out surveys. Many companies and websites need people’s views on various topics. Fill out surveys and get a little money for yourself. 

16- Develop applications

Why don’t you cash your interest in developing apps? 

Many companies offer work-from-home and remote jobs to web and app developers. This can be a full-time, part-time, or project-based job. But you surely earn a handsome amount through it. 

17- Copywriting

Copywriting has a vast scope in today’s world. Polish your writing skill and your creativity and a lot of companies and online portals offer home-based jobs for copywriting. 

18- Selling e-books

Writing stories, novels, and intellectual books can make you earn money. Even if you don’t have money to publish them in hard form, you can publish a soft copy online. Just sell them to an authorized website and enjoy the profit. 

19- Just type and earn

Many companies convert e-books to hard copies. They simply need somebody to type for them. If you have good typing potential, this is an excellent option for you to earn online. 

20- Rent an apartment or automobile

Last but not the least, renting a business can be an easy source of income. If you have an automobile not in use or an extra apartment, you can find a paying guest online and earn through it.


There are many ways to earn online just by sitting at home and using the internet. Don’t let your skill get wasted. Choose one of the above options and start earning money online in the UAE.

Hope this article helped you find the best earning option for you. 

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