FAB Reward Points – Earning, Redeem, Redemption List


Banks offer many credit card offers, and when you use a credit card with many reward lists, it is difficult to keep track of all the rewards available on the card and use them.

FAB credit cards can be counted on the credit card list and many awards have been added to that list. If you are a FAB credit card user, you may be happy with the rewards in your shopping cart or not know where to exchange them.

The FAB Rewards Program is called the FAB First Points Program. To make the most of your FAB loyalty program, you can use points from various brands such as Calvin Klein, LE Chateau, ALDO and Charles & Keith. The list is not limited to this, to further help you use FAB Rewards, and we have prepared a set of points to help you fully redeem points.

How do we earn FAB reward points?

Firstly, earning your first FAB Points is easy. You only need to use your FAB credit card regularly to earn reward points. By spending 1 AED on your card, you can earn 1 bonus point on your credit card. Depending on the FAB credit card you use, you can even earn more reward points. You will also earn bonus points through an additional card used by the main card.

You can redeem points for RTA, DEWA / SEWA and du utility bill vouchers. You can also redeem points at various stores.

The biggest benefit of earning reward points is that you can earn first points domestically and internationally, but you must use them within 3 years from the date you use those points. First points can be earned faster than any loyalty program in the world!

You can earn reward points on your card. You can earn double priority bonus points for all purchases made with your card in a supermarket in the UAE or abroad. If you get additional products from their bank, such as FAB personal loans, insurance, savings plans, etc., FAB has improved its vision by helping you provide more bonus points.

How to know how many points have been earned

It is very easy to find out how many points you have accumulated on the card. Just dial 600 52 5500 to find out how many points you have accumulated on your card. The bank will also inform you about the accumulated First Points in the monthly statement.

Redemption of FAB reward points

You can use a variety of ways to redeem your points. Once you feel you have accumulated enough first points to redeem, you can call 600525500 to redeem your points.

You can redeem your points for any voucher or pay utility bills according to your needs and comfort level. You can check the list of FAB awards on the FAB website to find vouchers that can be redeemed for points. Each coupon requires a different set of first points to redeem. You can choose a voucher, call customer service on 600525500 and provide your card details to redeem your points.

Redemption list

Category Value of Voucher in AED FAB points (earned)
Retail shopping nil 50000
Careem Rides 50 10000
Salik recharge Nil 10000
Cosmetics Nil 50000
Cashback 200 50000
Electronics Nil 200000
Jewelry 1000 200000
Etihad Guest Miles 16,666 miles 200000
Home furniture 2500 500000
Lulu shopping 500 100000
Online shopping 500 1000
Mobile recharge nil 5000
Amazon subscription nil 5000
Meal home delivery nil 10000

After you contact your customer service agent, your chosen voucher will be sent to you by courier within 8 days.

If you want to redeem your points for utility bills, you need to know if the utility bills you want to pay with your points can be used through the FAB. You need to analyze the FAB reward list to see if the UBP (Utilities Bill Payment) code is in the list of utilities in the reward list. The UBP code must match the utility you want to redeem for points.

You can redeem your first bonus points to pay water and electricity bills for Sewa, E-Vision, ADWEA, Salik and other services.

You can exchange up to AED 500 per calendar month. Be sure to call FAB Customer Service on 600 52 5500 for more information.

Reward points from credit cards that are co-branded

When we talk about joint credit cards, the first thing that comes to mind is paying utility bills and earning extra bonus points.

FAB has established strategic partnerships with various brands to provide its customers with the best cashback, Airmiles and discounts. FAB has partnered with brands such as du, Joyalukkas, LGB express and H&M to bring more varieties to FAB First points.

Du and FAB

FAB has partnered with one of the largest telecommunications companies in the UAE to provide benefits and incentives for FAB and du customers. Customers who use the FAB du Credit, FAB Du Titanium Card and FAB Du Platinum Card to use the du data plan can get a 10% discount on the daily plan and receive triple consumption bonus points that can be used to redeem the entire grocery portfolio.

According to the FAB, talking about a free plan provides services. When you use auto-pay online, you can also use 10% bonus points on your FAB du credit card. Customers can enjoy the same benefits while traveling overseas without any hindrance.

FAB has become the third-largest bank in the UAE not only due to its successful activities but also due to the various rewards it provides to its clients. Abu Dhabi First Bank also rewarded its client, Mansour Hamdan, for winning AED 1 million in the Al Awal Quarterly Draw in the UAE. The main result of these awards is to improve the financial knowledge of clients in the UAE and the Middle East.

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