How to check Etisalat balance?

Etisalat Caller Tunes Code 2020

Searching for Etisalat data balance codes? You have found it! This is all the code used to check talk time and data balance. If you need to check your balance or data, here are some tips:

Etisalat mobile app is one of the ways to keep Etisalat balanced.

  1. Another technique is to use Etisalat data to balance the code.
  2. Create a new SMS and send “data” to the number 1010. For prepaid users in Nigeria, the Etisalat code for data balance is * 228 #
  3. Use USSD Etisalat talk time balance code-is an easy way to check your balance. Just dial * 232 #. Using this Etisalat balance code is entirely free!

Also, you will receive messages that can help you control the balance. The service will notify you when you consume 80%, 90%, and 100% data packets. If you are a postpaid sim customer, you can find the balance on your self-service account.

Other useful short Etisalat codes

  1. SIM Card Etisalat Details-# 132 #
  2. Details of Etisalat connection-* 262
  3. Etisalat dial music-* 359
  4. Etisalat Service Number-# 111 #
  5. Activation for Etisalat missed calls-* 346

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