How to check fines on Emirates ID?

How to check fines on Emirates ID?

UAE is a country that strictly implies rules and regulations. The authorities of the UAE charge heavy fines for violating the law. They have devised a complete system of fines for every law break. There is no escape from paying the fines if you have mistakenly breached the law. 

But what if you don’t remember the fines you have got to pay?

Don’t stress out! The government of UAE has taken care of it. Just a few simple steps to follow and you will get to know about the fines on your emirates ID. 

Fines on emirates ID

Emirates ID is possessed by every citizen of the UAE. These smart cards not only prove you are a resident of the emirates but also help you keep a check on your fines. Either you have a fine for delayed renewal of your emirates ID or you forgot to pay for the parking, all fines are stored under your emirates ID. These fines can be as less as AED 100 and a maximum of AED 10,000. Therefore, every UAE citizen must keep checking the status of their fines on emirates IDs.

Steps to check the fines on Emirates ID

Don’t worry if you have difficulty remembering the fines on your emirates ID!

Just a few clicks and you will get the information about how to check your fines on emirates ID. 

  1. You can check the fines on your emirates ID by simply visiting the website of Abu Dhabi police or downloading the Abu Dhabi police app. 
  2. Click on ‘public services on the website page. 
  3. Select ‘Traffic fines inquiry’ from the pop-down menu.
  4. Traffic fines inquiry page will appear.
  5. Select inquiry by emirates ID.
  6. Enter your emirates ID number.
  7. Type the Text in the image in the box.
  8. Click Submit.

Once you press submit, the details of all your fines on your emirates ID number will be displayed on the screen. The year of the fine, fine number, location of the fine, vehicle registration number, plate number, and fine type all will be known after following a few steps of the procedure. 

If in case you have no fines to pay on your emirates ID, a message will appear on your screen displaying that.

Fines you can get on your emirates ID!

UAE has different types of fines on emirates ID. We are sharing a brief knowledge of what types of fines you may have to face on your emirates ID. The list of the fines citizens commonly have to pay is provided below.

  • Breaking traffic laws
  • Delay in emirates ID renewal
  • Late registration of emirates ID 
  • Violation of Covid-19 SOPs
  • Violation of municipality laws
  • Driving with a driving license from other countries except for the permitted ones.
  • Jaywalking violation 

These are some easy as well as important laws that every UAE resident must follow to avoid paying fines. 

How to pay the fines on emirates ID?

After getting the information about fines on your emirates ID next step is to pay the fine. Paying the fine without delay is important to clear your emirates ID. Following are some methods to pay the fines on your emirates ID.

Websites: The authorities of UAE have made it convenient for the citizens to pay the fines without any haste. You can visit any of the following websites and pay your emirates ID fines online. 

  1. Ministry of the Dubai
  2. Dubai police
  3. Abu Dhabi police
  4. Sharjah roads and transportation authority
  5. Dubai roads and transportation authority

Check your fine and pay online easily. 

Abu Dhabi police portal: Another easy way to pay emirates ID fines is through the Abu Dhabi police portal. Follow the easy steps and pay your fines. 

  1. Register yourself using your emirates ID number on the Abu Dhabi police website. 
  2. Create an account with your username and password. 
  3. Check the pending fines on your emirates ID.
  4. Pay the fine using your credit card/ debit card. 


Rules and regulations are necessary for our safety. A responsible citizen follows the rules and in case of an accidental law breach pays the fine. Just by visiting the website of Abu Dhabi traffic, you can keep checking the fines on your emirates ID. 

Hope this article has all the information you were looking for!

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