How to check NOL card balance

How to check NOL card balance in mobile?

“Assuming you need to check nol card balance, then, at that point, follow the means given underneath. Never miss any means”

  1. First of all, visit the authority site Nol Card Balance Check
  2. After that click on Check nol Balance
  3. Enter your nol card number
  4. After entering your nol card number click on the search
  5. You can effectively check your nol card balance on your phone or PC.

In the event that you followed the above-mentioned steps, You would have effectively checked your nol card balance check.

The NOL card is an everyday need that Dubai suburbanites use for public transportation – regardless of whether it be the Dubai Metro train or the transport. Ordinarily, you will actually want to check the equilibrium of your NOL card by tapping it prior to entering the train stages.

The Nol Card is an electronic tagging card that was delivered for all methods of the public vehicle in Dubai administrations, in August 2009. The word Nol is an Arabic word نول for passage. The Nol Card framework was created by Hong Kong-based organization Octopus Cards Limited.

A Nol Card is a Mastercard estimated put away worth contactless smartcard that can hold prepaid assets to pay for tolls on transports and trains inside at least one of four “zones”. The credit should be added to the card before movement. Travelers “tag on” and “tag off” their card on electronic doors at the metro station or electronic terminals in transports when entering and leaving the vehicle framework to approve it or deduct reserves. At first the Cards can be bought distinctly from Metro Stations and Bus Terminus as it were. These pre-loaded Cards can “beat up” on the web, at ticket machines or at tagging workplaces by credit, check card or money. The card is intended to lessen the number of exchanges at ticket workplaces and the number of paper tickets. Utilization is energized by offering less expensive admissions than the paper-tagged alternative, despite the fact that there is a charge to buy the card. Limitless one-road trip and month to month pass for the metro is just accessible with the Nol Red Ticket. The Blue Nol Card offers concessions for understudies, UAE public senior residents and the handicapped.

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you basically needed to check the excess credits and you’re not even close to the metro yet you can get to the web. You can without a doubt visit the NOL Card Balance checker highlight in the RTA site. To direct you, the following are 3 simple tasks how to Check RTA NOL card balance on the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the kinds of Nol Card?

  1. Nol Red Ticket
  2. Nol Blue Card
  3. Nol Gold Card
  4. Nol Silver Card

What is the limit for the Nol balance?

The client can top up the offset with a limit of 1000 AED whenever.

How might the client drop a Nol lost card?

The client can drop the Nol card through the site. The client should give the card number and its PIN code that he got by SMS while getting the endorsement.

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