How to check UAE tourist visa validity?

How to check UAE tourist visa validity?

Do you remember the validity of the UAE visa? Let’s face it, on a busy schedule, it can be challenging to track the exact date. To check the status of your United Arab Emirates visa, you can always have your passport with you, or you can learn other methods to check the validity of your UAE visa at any time. So next time you want to know how to check your visa status in the UAE, check out some of these online channels.

How to check UAE visa validity status online

The UAE government has an official portal to help you access visa-related services. To use this method to check the validity of your UAE resident visa, you need a passport number.

You can check the status of your UAE residence visa online in the following ways. If you are searching for “Check Dubai Visa by Passport Number,” this is also the service you need to use.

Visit the portal: Select “Change Language” and click English Click on the “Passport Information” tab Choose “Visa” or “Right of Abode” according to your visa type.

Enter your passport number and passport validity. Select your nationality from the drop-down menu before clicking the search tab, select the verification code checkbox if the information you provided is correct; this page will show all your visa details, including the validity of your UAE visa. 

Checking visa status in Dubai using the GDRFA portal The mission of the General Resident and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA) is to process and respond to all rules, applications, inquiries, and questions related to UAE visas. So far, only Dubai has a separate portal that allows you to check UAE visa status online.

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