How to extend UAE Visa?

How to extend UAE Visa?

The United Arab Emirates is a place that tourists love to visit. People from everywhere visit UAE for different purposes. Dubai has different types of tourist visas to meet the needs of such tourists. People who do not qualify for visa-free entry in the UAE require a tourist visa. Usually, airlines, hotels, and sometimes agents also arrange tourist visas.

Tourists can extend their visas two times without having to leave the country as per the new UAE’s tourist visa policy. If you are a tourist, this is the information you need to know about the extension of the Dubai tourist visa. 

Dubai tourist visa extension procedure

The Dubai visa extension procedure is straightforward. You can renew your tourist visa for 30 days in Dubai twice but do check the expiration date of the first extension and apply for a second renewal before the first renewal.

How to apply for an extension of a tourist visa in Dubai?


  1. Log in to the GDRFA app
  2. Go to the information center and open the relevant visa details
  3. Click the renew button
  4. Fill in the details
  5. Choose the shipping method
  6. Additional Documents
  7. Submit fee
  8. Wait for SMS / email confirmation

Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority

  1. Access the online portal of the Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority
  2. Enter your credentials correctly
  3. Add attachments i.e., required documents
  4. Submit AED 600 fee and apply for an extension
  5. Required documents for Dubai visa renewal

To renew your visa, you need to submit:

  1. Passport size photo with white background Dubai tourist visa extension fee
  2. You must pay AED 600 each time you renew your contract.
  3. Transcript of the applicant’s passport and the passport should be valid for at least six months.

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