How to get discount on Abu Dhabi traffic fines

Traffic fines are tricky and can cost a lot of money. In a place like Dubai, where its already difficult to manage the day to day expenses, an additional traffic fine is no cherry on top and can cause major problems. Though the simple way of completely avoiding the traffic fines is simply driving safe and following all the rules. However, not everyone is aware of all the rules, especially people who are not local inhabitants and have recently moved to Dubai or are there for a few days. Furthermore, everyone makes mistakes and some room should be there for them as well. There are certain traffic discounts being offered and if you’re a frequent driver then you might as well acquaint yourself with the knowledge of those discounts.

The latest to join the list of discounts is a recent announcement by Dubai traffic police on May 15, 2019, that while applying for renewal of vehicle registration, one has the option of paying the traffic fines or delaying to avail the discount rate from Feb 2019 to Feb 2020. However, there are certain terms and conditions that come along with it. Such as this discount being applied to vehicles that have registered in Dubai only and no parking fines and RTA are involved in this discount.

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The reason everyone should keep checking these discount rates is that they are announced at certain time intervals. All this started back in 2010 when the Dubai traffic police were allowed to provide such discounts, much to the happiness of the citizens. There are no exact criteria defined for the discounts but an overall idea can be summarized. The discount is applied to UAE residents, all cars registered in UAE, and most importantly, on the fines that are introduced by a specific police authority (i.e. applicable

The recent announcement for Abu Dhabi traffic fines discount:

One of the most recent offerings through this discount is the one announced by Major General Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, commander-in-chief of Ajman Police. In order to celebrate a year tolerance and give a presentation to the citizens, the traffic fine has said to be cut in half, a huge relief for people of UAE. The fifty percent slash would cover for all traffic rule violations done by the car owners in the year 2018. The motorcyclist should not feel too far behind when it comes to getting traffic fine discounts as discounts for them have been planned and announced as well, which will take in effect after another six months, therefore all they should be doing right now is driving safe and following the rules for at least six more months. This is a clever way of controlling traffic violations by the Dubai police and has major potential. The discounts after being pre-announced serve as an additional incentive for the people to follow the rules for their own good and also promote a friendly image of the police department, giving way to police and public cooperation.

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The easy steps of paying a fine are listed as follows:

  1. Necessary documents:
  1. Visit “Fines Department” in Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters and ask for a form for requesting the transfer of violations to traffic court.
  2. A confirmation letter is sent the very next day on approval of the application
  3. The applicant then has to visit the traffic court with due documents to get the discount and pay the required fine. 


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