How to redeem Etisalat smiles points?

How to redeem Etisalat smiles points

Once customers start earning points, you will need to provide multiple reward options in the Smile admin. This will enable your customers to convert their hard-won points into rewards, thus encouraging your customers to buy from you again!

How to redeem Etisalat smiles points?

To convert points into rewards:

  1. Customers need to log in to an account on Etisalat’s website and click the launcher to open the rewards panel.
  2. Next, click on all rewards. If the points are not enough to redeem, they will see a progress bar next to the reward name on the right.
  3. If they have enough points, there will be a redemption button.
  4. After you click Redeem, customers will be taken to a page that displays the coupon code with an “App Code” button that will automatically apply the coupon code to the checkout.
  5. To redeem points for variable rewards, customers will need to use the Points slider to select the number of points they want to spend and then click Redeem.
  6. Depending on your settings in Notifications, customers may also receive an email with a coupon code for their records. The system will also be stored under the “Your Rewards” section at the bottom of its rewards panel.

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