How to renew the driving license in Dubai

Those who live in the UAE are well aware that driving is a necessary aspect of daily life. It comes as no surprise that no one wants to be caught driving when their license is expired. In the UAE, driving without a legal license can result in severe fines. The license must be renewed by the laws of your emirate. A valid driving license is important in a country known for its well-developed infrastructure and strict driving regulations.

Considering the difficulty that some people have due to a lack of time, almost all emirates now offer UAE driver’s license renewal to be done online. To do so, you must first understand the procedure of renewing your Dubai driver’s license. Here’s a step-by-step method to renew your license.


Before we get into the renewal procedure, it’s important to understand the requirements for getting a driving license in Dubai.

  • Residents of Dubai who are 21 years old or older are eligible for a driver’s license, according to RTA criteria.
  • A probationary driving license is available to residents under the age of 21. Six months after receiving the first learner’s permit, they can apply for a driving test.


The below-mentioned documents are required to renew a driver’s license in all UAE cities, regardless of where you belong.

  • Driving license (expired)
  • Passport with a resident visa stamp
  • Original and photocopy of Emirates I.D card
  • Two passport photographs
  • Eye test certificate from a recognized optician
  • Clearance fee voucher 


The fee of renewing a driver’s license in Dubai varies. Applicants above the age of 21 must pay a cost of AED 300 to renew their Dubai driver’s license. Other charges include AED 20 for Knowledge and Innovation fees. Customers under the age of 21 must pay AED 100 for license renewal fees, as well as AED 20 for Knowledge and Innovation fees.


Any delay in renewing your Dubai driver’s license for less than ten years will cost you AED 10 per month. Renewal delays can result in a maximum fine of AED 500. If a driver’s license has been expired for more than ten years, the applicant can only renew it after passing the mandatory road test.

The RTA has made it possible to renew a driver’s license in Dubai online in a variety of methods. The following are the channels on which you can rely:

  • RTA Dubai official website
  • Dubai drive app
  • RTA call centre
  • RTA Kiosks
  • TAMM
  • Ministry of Interior (MOI)
  • Abu Dhabi Police website and app


Q1: How can I update my driving license in Dubai?

Ans 1. You can log in to the official Ministry of Interior (MOI) website, update the required documents, and pay the fees there. An old driving license, an original Emirates ID, a picture, and a valid eye test are all required documentation.

Q2: How do I renew my driving license with the Abu Dhabi Website/App?

Ans 2. You can register on the Abu Dhabi Police website or by downloading the Abu Dhabi Police App. Only an Emirates ID is required for registration. Select the Driving Licence Services option after registering to accelerate the renewal of your license.

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