How to sell on Souq / Complete Guide

How to sell on Souq / Complete Guide is Dubai’s best online shopping site, and it claims to account for nearly 80% of online retail transactions in the Middle East and North Africa. After Amazon invested heavily in the Middle East market, Middle East e-commerce has grown. Compared to other countries such as China, the United States, the United Kingdom, e-commerce in Dubai, is in its infancy. Many sellers around the world are targeting this market and are looking for Souq’s business, and as with other markets, selling goods on Souq requires you to create an online store. So, what are the requirements for creating a store on Souq?

 Ways to Open a Souq Account If you want to register a Souq seller account, there are currently two methods:

  1. Open an account through a merchant: Scanned copy of seller’s UAE business license, UAE bank account. A company account with the same information as a business license, or a personal account of a legal person Email and mobile number. By sending the above information to Souq’s email address, you can open a Souq seller account for free. It should be noted here that Souq’s mailbox suffix is ​​the domain name “”
  2. Open an account with a Souq authorized agent

Souq officially authorized some agents, mainly FBS (Fulfilled by Souq) logistics carriers recommended by Souq. If the seller uses the agent’s UAE business license and bank card to open an account, the account opening fee is waived. The information provided includes contacts, phone numbers, emails, business licenses.

Once the Souq seller account is generated, the registered email will receive an activation link. The seller clicks the link, resets the password, and sets the store name, bank account number, VAT number, and other information in the seller interface. Once the store name is placed, it cannot be changed later. The bank account number and VAT number must match the business license information. Agent-registered accounts should use the information provided by the agent.

Conditions for creating a Souq store

1) Document requirements: UAE business license or UAE ID required

2) Inventory requirements: Inventory is needed in the UAE to ensure that Souq can pick up the goods within three days.

3) For personal accounts with UAE ID, you must bind your UAE bank card. Sales types are restricted, and beauty, electronics, and other categories cannot be sold.

4) The account registered with the business license must be tied to the bank account of the company where the business license is located or the bank account of the corporate legal entity. In other words, only personal and corporate accounts are supported for UAE bank cards.

How does Souq charge?

Opening a store in Souq is free, and sales of products require order service fees and commissions as well as VAT.   Order service fee: AED 7.5 per order,   if the order amount is less than AED50, this fee is waived.

Commission: Based on the sales price of each product, the commission rate is between 5% and 20%, depending on the product category.   Because goods may also be shipped from the UAE to other countries, the tax situation may vary by state. 

Service and training

Similar to Amazon, if you have any questions, you can contact Souq Customer Service in Seller Center.   Sellers who create an account through an agency can also contact a designated agency.   Souq’s new sellers will be invited to participate in the training. Also, there are some free training materials on Souq that can be searched on YouTube.


Similar to Amazon, Souq’s current logistics is mainly FBS and self-collection. FBS filed by Souq is a formal warehouse delivery system, and the seller’s products will be stored in Souq’s official warehouse. After the order is generated, Souq will deliver it to the buyer. The delivery time is three working days. Souq also processes returns. Self-delivery means that the merchant will store the product. After the order is generated, Souq’s logistics company will pick it up and deliver it. The duration is three days.

Product selection

The seller should combine his advantages to study the actual needs of the local market. Currently, the number of Souq products is about 1 million. When the platform product is not very rich, the first one is unlimited!   If you are selling branded products, it is also recommended to register a trademark in the UAE.


The UAE has a high English penetration rate, and the product can be uploaded in English.   The system automatically translates Arabic to customers with Arabic needs.   Customer service is similar to Amazon. If you only have a complaint from an Arabic-speaking buyer, you can use Souq Customer Service to help.


Similar to Amazon, the images on the Souq platform must be 500 * 500 pixels or higher white images without watermarks, other links, and other redundant information. The image must be consistent with the real thing.

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