How to sponsor a maid or nanny in Dubai

How to sponsor a maid/nanny in Dubai

Tracking down the legitimate very help is a significant choice for quite a long time inside the UAE. Employing a servant or caretaker in Dubai is frequently a troublesome and extended cycle on the off chance that you don’t have the legitimate very assets. Here might be a useful aide the best approach to support a babysitter/servant in Dubai which will fix some of the important parts of the technique. This text will lay out the different techniques for supporting a housekeeper in Dubai, the archives required, and hence the standards the support should satisfy to encourage a servant visa inside the UAE.


Supporting a housemaid or a caretaker in Dubai follows an identical strategy. In case you’re watching supporting a housekeeper in Dubai, here might be a basic manual to help you effectively explore the strategy.


The initial step to choosing the best approach to support a housekeeper in Dubai is, obviously, looking into every one of the standards and guidelines required inside the cycle. It’s a huge obligation and accordingly, the interaction would require a genuine venture of assets. Since the individual employing otherwise known as the support, you’ll even be responsible for his/her compensation and different advantages. This is frequently why recollect of the laws to carry a house cleaner to Dubai and along these lines the agreement terms you might want to satisfy. Here’s are the rules that direct the best approach to carrying a babysitter to Dubai.

Rules for housemaid visa in UAE

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to figure out a full-time caretaker to appear to be after the adolescents or essentially a housemaid to help round the house, these positions are sorted as homegrown and are administered by the UAE Domestic Labor Law, set by the UAE Government.

To support a housekeeper in Dubai, the support should have a compensation not yet AED 6,000 every month or a month-to-month pay of AED 5,000 with convenience. A Dubai housemaid visa is frequently just be given by the highest point of the family, normally the male. Unhitched males aren’t qualified to support a house cleaner in Dubai.

Different guidelines for giving housemaid visas in Dubai express that servants employed should be beyond 18 years old and may just be supported from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. Notwithstanding, notice that everything about nations has its own guidelines with respect to least compensation and age. Here might be a breakdown of the country-explicit least wages for servants in Dubai. Patrons pay remarkable pay in the event that they want to attempt so.

  • India – AED 1,100
  • Sri Lanka – AED 825
  • The Philippines – AED 1,400 (and should be more seasoned than 30, yet not more than 60)
  • Bangladesh – AED 750
  • Indonesia – AED 800

Different privileges for house cleaners in Dubai

Alongside the compensation, while employing a house cleaner in Dubai, the support will be at risk for giving other specified advantages, for example,

  • Payment of wages, as started inside the standard agreement, inside 10 days from the day they’re expected
  • One day of paid rest each week
  • 12 long stretches of rest each day, including 8 hours sequential rest
  • 30 days get-away per annum
  • Medical protection
  • 30 long stretches of clinical leave per annum
  • A trip ticket home like clockwork
  • Accommodation
  • Decent suppers at the business’ cost
  • Attire reasonable for the work to be regulated, at the business’ cost
  • Possession of their own recognizable proof papers like travel papers, IDs, and so on


One more significant stage to carry you closer to addressing the subject of the best approach to bring a housekeeper/caretaker to Dubai is settling on a decision on whether you might want to complete the strategy all alone or recruit an outer office to help. The two different ways are genuinely direct, notwithstanding, every technique has its own arrangement of expenses and length, which should be thought about.

Probably the easiest method to lease a babysitter in Dubai is to utilize Tadbeer focuses, which are government-supported assistance communities that assistance to lease homegrown and family laborers in Dubai and in this manner the rest of the UAE. They give various bundles that are explicit to your requirements. Here might be a fast look at all that Tadbeer must offer.

Tadbeer and other housekeeper enrolling organizations offer a quick answer for employing servants in Dubai. From giving the visa to booking flight tickets, these housekeeper enrollment organizations can work with the entire cycle. The benefit of employing a housekeeper in Dubai through a work environment can go from AED 3,000 to AED 6,000 including on the administrations you might want. Notice that some of the offices just apply for a vacationer visa for the housekeeper and as a support, you’d then, at that point, got to re-apply for the servants’ residency visa yourself at a further expense. To keep away from this additional expense, you’ll like to apply for a house cleaners UAE home visa yourself while the organization handles the contrary methodology like booking flight tickets and drafting contracts.

On the off chance that you have effectively distinguished an applicant you might want to lease, the entire interaction is frequently kept away from the working environment, however, you’ll have the chance to do a large portion of the legwork yourself. This incorporates giving the visa, booking the tickets, and working with different conventions.


Regardless of whether you’re going ahead with the recruiting system through the working environment or yourself, you’ll have the chance to present specific reports to satisfy the needs of supporting a house cleaner in Dubai. Here might be a rundown of expected archives to support a babysitter/housemaid in Dubai.

Reports needed for supporting a housemaid in Dubai

While applying for a residency grant for the house cleaner, the support will have the chance to present the resulting records to the general Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai (GDRFA).

  • The visa structure composed through an approved composing office
  • An affirmation from the international safe haven or department of non-relationship, if the house cleaner is from a comparable country
  • Passport and visa duplicates of the support and in this way the housekeeper
  • Passport photographs of the support and in this way the housekeeper
  • Three months articulation of the support
  • Copy of the support’s work contract
  • Copy of the support’s protection card
  • Copy of the support’s occupancy agreement of a base two-room unit
  • Salary Certificate of the support
  • Maid’s Medical Fitness Certificate from their country

Note: The above necessities can fluctuate for supports who are UAE residents or working inside the public authority and individual area inside the UAE. Affirm to ask the GDRFA site for the most current data.


Whenever you’ve finished your up-and-comer and you have every one of the reports figured out, you’ll start the technique to ask them to Dubai. It is regularly finished by visiting any of the Tasheel Centers inside the UAE or the GDRFA site.

Here are the means to give a servant visa in Dubai. The support will have the chance to finish this cycle for supporting a servant in Dubai inside the request given below.

Steps to give a UAE housemaid visa by the support

  • Apply for the house cleaner’s work license to enter the country
  • After the house cleaner enters the UAE, the support will have the chance to get a Medical Fitness Report and register for the Emirates ID
  • Apply for the home stamp on the house cleaner’s visa
  • Issue the Domestic Worker Card for the support and Emirates ID for the nanny or maid.

To use for a work grant, the support will have the chance to get an approved typist to top off the use passage grant structure. This sort close by all the previously mentioned reports should be submitted to the GDRFA. During this progression, you’ll have the chance to pay the non-refundable expense of a house cleaner visa in Dubai or a stepping charge of AED 5,200 and a refundable store of AED 2,000 which can be returned once the servant leaves the UAE. Different charges payable here incorporate the composing expense. a further charge of AED 100 is moreover relevant in the event that you demand pressing administrations.

When you get the supported license, you’ll either send the first or duplicate of that to your house cleaner. On the off chance that you have just sent the duplicate, you’ll need to store the first at DNATA Visa Desk at Dubai air terminal or at the DNRD counter. Following this, you’ll book tickets for the housekeeper to enter the UAE.

Within 30 days of the housekeeper entering the UAE, the support will have the chance to acquire a Medical Fitness Report for the servant from the other clinical wellness places likewise as register them for an Emirates ID. This expense for clinical trials in Dubai is AED 325 ascending to AED 420 for conveyance inside 48 hours administrations and AED 520 for dire administrations. Enrollment for the Emirates ID is regularly done at the clinical wellness communities themselves.

Subsequent to getting the clinical wellness report and accordingly the stepped Emirates ID application, you’ll take these records close by the home visa application filed by any approved typist and head to any GDRFA branch. Affirm to hold all the contrary reports like the stepped business section grant, servant’s unique visa and photograph, support’s identification duplicate, store sticker, and a compensation authentication/work contract.

Here, an agreement will be drafted which must be endorsed by both support and housekeeper. Subsequent to marking, a home stamp legitimate for one year will then, at that point, be set inside the housekeeper’s visa. Then, at that point, the official will give the ‘Homegrown Worker Identity Card’ for support.

The last advance to supporting a housekeeper in Dubai will be to ask for the Emirates ID card which might be done through any approved typist or any of the authority government entryways.

When everything is finished, for the housekeeper visa reestablishment you’ll have the chance to present an application for recharging close by the web clinical solicitation structure, which might be given utilizing an approved typist. With respect to the dropping of a UAE servant’s visa, it should either be possible at the air terminal or ahead of time through GDRFA.

The interaction and cost of supporting a servant in Dubai can appear to be a touch overwhelming inside the start yet considering the bustling life we lead here, having the extra assist with adjusting the house is advantageous. In the event that you might want any more extended explanations with respect to the means to support a house cleaner in Dubai, you’ll contact the GDRFA on 800-5111 or email [email protected]

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