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Etisalat is an international telecommunications service company located in the United Arab Emirates. It has sixteen locations in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. It serves millions of clients with internet, Wi-Fi, and electronic payment services. Etisalat has made it easier than ever to share mobile credit. With only a few simple steps, you can now transfer mobile credit from one Etisalat number to another. Prepaid and postpaid customers can consume this service.  A few options are available for transferring money both locally and abroad.


My Etisalat UAE mobile app is a service offered by Etisalat. Customers can use this app to check their monthly usage, pay their bills, and shop. This application allows you to share credit and info with your friends and family. All you have to do is download the software from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on your phone device. 


  1. Users can transfer credit from one Etisalat account to another if they have a pre-paid or postpaid Etisalat mobile SIM. 
  2. Type *100*mobile number*amount# on your phone’s keypad to transfer the amount of money you want. For example, to send AED 5, dial *100*05XXXXXXXX*5#.
  3. Users will be asked to confirm their transfer after they have transferred the credit to another Etisalat user. They must respond to Etisalat’s mail with their acknowledgment. To confirm the transfer transaction, press number 1, and to cancel the transfer transaction, press number 2.


  1. Users will be given a pin code to make the transfer, just send CPIN to 1010.
  2. Dial *100*Mobile Number Receiver*amount#.
  3. Insert the pin code that you were given before.
  4. If a confirmation pop-up appears, hit 1 to approve the transfer.
  5. A message verifying the transaction will be sent to the receiver


Customers of Etisalat have the option of transferring credit to their native country. Users with an Etisalat prepaid account can apply their unused prepaid credit to recharge any prepaid account of their native country. Users can transfer overseas credit using the Etisalat UAE app or by texting the international number to 1700. There will be no further charges, and the balance will be sent to the person on the other end right away.


A quick, simple, and flexible way of transferring the balance to your loved ones.

  1. Prepaid transfers can be in multiples of 100MB with no limitation, while postpaid transfers can be up to 5GB per transfer.
  2. AED 3/100MB transfer fee, deducted from the account balance or applied to the monthly payment
  3. From monthly subscriptions of 1GB or above, a maximum of 5 data transfers are permitted per month.
  4. Transferred data is valid for 10 days and must be used before additional data allowances.
  5. Transfers will be approved if the sender’s remaining limit does not fall below 100MB.


Q: Who is eligible to use Etisalat Credit Transfer?

This service is available to all Wasel prepaid and postpaid customers. The credit is available to all Etisalat prepaid customers that have valid and active accounts.

Q: What can happen if I cancel by pressing 2?

The user will not get any credit in their account as a result of canceling the credit transfer, also they will receive a notice confirming the cancellation and detailing of the account balance.

Q: What is Etisalat Credit Transfer and how does it work?

The Etisalat Credit Transfer service is a new service that allows you to transfer credit/balance from one prepaid account to another prepaid account with ease.

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