How to transfer money from your credit card in UAE?


Credit cards, also known as “plastic currency”, are payment cards issued to customers to enable them to pay merchants the cost of purchasing products. Credit cards are also considered a necessary substitute for cash. It makes it easy to carry and pay cash, because the money does not require users to pay in advance. The best option is to convert a one-time payment made by credit card to EMI (monthly installment payment) after purchasing a large budget. Many credit cards are accepted worldwide, which allows frequent travelers to use it anywhere in the world. Enhanced security features give users peace of mind because credit card-related fraud is less frequent.

We have heard a lot about transfers between bank accounts but there are a few ways to transfer between credit cards and bank accounts which can be a final type of transaction.

But credit cards are not designed for this, you may pay a higher fee. If you need fast funding, please consider other options first.

Transfer funds from your credit card to your bank account

  1. Keep in mind the transfer fee or the interest rate.
  2. Withdraw cash or money order.
  3. Alternatively, make a money transfer or remittance or use a credit card to check convenience.
  4. Transfer money to your bank account or wait for it to be transferred.

You can easily make the transfer between your credit cards and bank accounts by depositing cash or through any sort of money transfers. Although opting for wire transfers or remittances is more convenient because this way you can send money online.

If your credit card provider agrees, you can use your credit card to facilitate border transfers.

Cash withdrawals

By using a debit card at an ATM, you can easily withdraw cash. When using a cash overdraft, you can use a credit card to perform the same operation.

Find yourself at your supermarket, local money transfer agency, U.S. Post Office, or bank. Bills of exchange are relatively cheap.

After depositing cash or cash, deposit it into your bank account. Many banks in the UAE allow you to deposit cash amounts through ATMs. You can also open deposits in branches.

Make a wire transfer or remittance

You can transfer money through a bank. Before doing so, make sure your bank allows credit card payments. You can also opt for or consider options like Western Union and MoneyGram for money transfer services, they allow you to transfer credit card payments.

Wire transfers and remittances involving credit cards usually charge higher fees.

Credit card convenience check

The card issuer can sometimes send you a credit card check so they can fit. When you write one, it feels like your credit card has been erased. The amount of your check will be deducted from the credit limit which you will have to pay at the end of the month.

Before using one of these checks, please read the details of your provider carefully. If you are lucky, you will get a promotional rate. Otherwise, the check is treated as a cash advance.

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