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Etisalat is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Middle East. The company is currently providing online registration and renewal services for mobile devices in accordance with the new Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) rules. The process now only consists of a few simple steps. This is a quick guide on how to complete your Etisalat SIM card renewal online.

How to complete the renewal of Etisalat SIM card registration online

According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) policy, customers are required to update their Etisalat mobile phone number (SIM) by adding all the required details to their personal details. The mobile account must be re-registered. If registration is unsuccessful, the number can be deactivated. Here’s how to renew your registration:

  1. Visit Etisalat official website, Etisalat UAE app or any branch/payment machine.
  2. Visit your profile page and update your valid ID details
  3. Enter the mobile phone number or SIM card you want to renew in your name.
  4. Etisalat’s online SIM renewal process allows you to keep multiple numbers
  5. Update the number you want to keep, the rest will be disabled and deleted
  6. As long as the associated ID is valid, the registered mobile number will remain active.
  7. After the ID expires, you need to re-register your mobile phone number.
  8. If the ID-card is not renewed after its expiration, any number associated with the ID-card will be suspended and deactivated.

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