A Guide to Khorfakkan Beach

A Guide to Khorfakkan Beach

Situated on the east shoreline of the UAE along the Gulf of Oman, Khorfakkan is a significant vacation destination. Khorfakkan Beach is the thing that this town is generally popular for. Arranged north of the town place, Khorfakkan Beach has a flourishing coral reef, which is a demonstration of the public authority’s preservation endeavors. Normally, it has become a most loved spot for marine life fans.

While this town goes under Sharjah, geologically it is encircled by the emirate of Fujairah. In this way, when individuals are making a rundown of activities in Fujairah, the perfect Khorfakkan sea shore is definitely on it.

The Khorfakkan Container Terminal is the lone normal remote ocean port of the district. Henceforth, in case you are leasing a level in Fujairah, you would become acclimated to observing huge boats moor and sail away.

In the background of the Khorfakkan Beach are the rough Hajar Mountains. In light of regular mileage, these stone developments look lovely, provincial and make for amazing photograph operations. Numerous Instagrammers highlight these dazzling areas on their feeds, however seeing them very close is an entire diverse encounter.

Activities at Khorfakkan Beach

There are an assortment of exercises to attempt at Khorfakkan Beach. The numerous little islands in the locale, make it ideal for plunging, swimming and other water sports. You can pre-book the entire involvement in travel agencies like Adventure Sports, 7 Seas Divers or Hydro Water Sports.

From Khorfakkan Beach, you can likewise lease a little boat to get to the various islands. Neighborhood sellers offer snorkels, balances and veils on lease. You can get some information about Khorfakkan Beach too. They are in every case amicable towards travelers.

There are numerous more modest islands and sea spots renowned for plunging and swimming. Marine life examples can be anticipated dependent on earlier conduct. Along these lines, on the off chance that you ask the nearby specialists nearby, they can prompt you where you are probably going to experience a specific sort of fish, beam, turtle and so on likewise, because of the profundity and trouble of route, your abilities as a jumper can likewise be tried.

Jumping AND Snorkeling spots off the Khor Fakkan Beach

There are a few spots where you can snorkel and make a plunge Khorfakkan. Every one of the organizations offering such visits and exercises need to enrolled and affirmed, so ensure you just pick solid organizations. Here are probably the best places to attempt these water sports in Khorfakkan.

  • Coral Gardens 

Crocodile fish and guitar sharks have made the Coral Gardens their home. It is maybe an ideal opportunity to purchase a waterproof camera. A selfie with a crocodile fish would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

  • Anemone Gardens 

Towards the upper east of Shark Island is Anemone Garden. The profundity of water is minimal in excess of 20 meters in this well-known swimming spot close to Khorfakkan sea shore. Jacks and adolescent barracudas, and modest seahorses will invite you here. Try not to remain submerged for a really long time. These excellent animals are frequently timid and you may drive them off.

  • Shark Island 

The vast majority would give swimming in Shark Island a hard pass, due to the name. Yet, there have been zero shark assaults here. You will, notwithstanding, to ready to see blacktip reef sharks on the eastern finish of the Island, particularly from November to April. Have confidence however, you are consistently at a protected separation from the sharks. Nothing near Steven Speilberg’s famous ‘JAWS’ has at any point occurred on this ravishing island. Fortunately, they have a ton of other prey to benefit from.

Little fish and ocean turtles can come very close when you swim here. Just let them be.

In case you are a jumper, Khorfakkan is an extraordinary spot to partake in the rich assortment of marine life. The seabed is noticeable, which is the reason this is perhaps the most mainstream activities close to Khorfakkan sea shore. These stone developments are home to beams, moray eels and Arabian angelfish. In the event that you go through hours wondering about the work done by NatGeo, this would be your opportunity to live that experience.

  • Dibba Island 

Dibba Island is famous among swimmers and jumpers since you will discover marine life flourishing here lasting through the year. This Rough Island and shallow waters are home to turtles, jaw fish, batfish, clownfish and an assortment of delicate and stone corals.

  • Vehicle Cemetery 

Regardless of whether you are an accomplished jumper, Car Cemetery will test your abilities. Perceivability is low, so regularly unfortunate creatures cover up here. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you conquer the test, you may discover outlandish marine creatures in this soiled, yet intriguing spot.

Parasailing Ride at Khorfakkan Beach

Quite possibly the most charming activities in Khorfakkan Beach is parasailing. Very few sea shores have parasailing offices. At Fujairah Khorfakkan Beach, you can have an encounter that should not be taken lightly at a generally sensible cost. Numerous online dealers like Cobone sell coupons for such exercises. Everything about making out really well.

  • Parasailing ride at Khorfakkan Beach ticket: AED 135 (1 individual) – (249 for two individuals)
  • Parasailing span: 8-10 minutes
  • Life coat rental expense remembered for the ticket cost
  • Age limitation: 5 years or more


  • Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
  • Friday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Children playgrounds

There are reason fabricated jungle gyms for youngsters. These grounds are encircled by palm trees thus, daylight just channels through. Consequently, youngsters can go through hours there attempting to imitate their footballing legends. In the event that your youngster is a devotee of Ronaldo or Messi, he wouldn’t have any desire to leave the field until the person scores two or three dozen objectives. This is quite possibly the most family-accommodating exercises in Khorfakkan that you ought to not pass up. While the children skip around, you can have a sunbath on the sandy sea shore and work on that tan. Remember to pack your sunblock however!

Convenience Khorfakkan Beach

The numerous lodgings in Fujairah will be great for those searching for spots to remain close to Khorfakkan. Here are a portion of the famous lodgings in Khorfakkan.

Maritime Resort and Spa Khorfakkan 

A little cookout with your family on a segregated sea shore, as the sun sets behind the scenes behind the Hajjar mountains; sounds ideal, isn’t that right? Maritime Resort and Spa offers this and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A 4-star inn, with 177 visitor rooms and rich suites, Oceanic Hotel Khorfakkan is the ideal escape for you and your family.

A temperature controlled pool allows you an opportunity to plan for a dip in the sea. Or then again in case you are through with the sea shore related movement, a match of tennis or volleyball could be a much needed reprieve. Furthermore, not long before you need to tap out, walk around to the spa and sauna. This will assist you with getting a decent night’s rest.

  • Room rents beginning from 400 AED
  • Contact: +971-0-92385111

Eateries at the Oceanic Hotel Khorfakkan 

  • Al Murjan – International Menu
  • Bistro Oceanic – Coffee, snacks, cakes, and so on
  • Bab Al Bahr – Seafood Restaurant                                                                                
  • The Ocean Wok – Chinese Menu
  • Al Diwan – Coffee, snacks, cakes, and so on
  • Amwaj Pool – Bar

Raynor Hotel Apartments 

Raynor Hotel Apartments is around 15 minutes’ drive from the sea shore. With a client arranged culture, inn the executives is centered around conveying an awesome encounter for visitors. There is an in-house buffet during lunch and supper.

  • Room lease beginning from 140 AED
  • Contact: +971-9-2361116


  • Rebou Restaurant – Lebanese Menu
  • Lofty Restaurant – Indian Menu
  • New Calicut Restaurant – Indian Menu

All You Need To Know Before You Start Your Journey To Khorfakkan Beach 

How far is Khorfakkan from Dubai? 

By street, the distance among Dubai and Khorfakkan is 163.1 km. Though, it is 127 km from Sharjah and 270.1 km from Abu Dhabi.

How to get to Khorfakkan from Dubai? 

There are numerous vehicle alternatives to pick from. You can drive there, take a taxi, or utilize the transport. The most favored alternative is to drive your own vehicle as there is restricted public vehicle in Khorfakkan.

What amount of time will it require to drive from Dubai to Khorfakkan? 

On account of an as of late developed passage, it will take you around 2 hours. On the off chance that you take a taxi to Khorfakkan from Dubai, it can cost you anyplace between AED 300 to 350. It would rely upon blockages and so forth

Would I be able to utilize the metro or transport to go to Khorfakkan from Dubai? 

Indeed. You can utilize the Dubai metro to get to the bus stop in Al Fahidi. After this you can make a trip on the transport to Khorfakkan by means of Fujairah. Subsequent to arriving at Fujairah, you should take a taxi to get to Khorfakkan. It would require 3 hours and cost around AED 100-115.

What are the fascinating activities in Khorfakkan? 

Being a sea shore, water sports exercises are the most mainstream in Khorfakkan. Guests can likewise visit Al Badiyah Mosque which is a short drive away and look at the loosening up spas in the Fujairah inns.

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