List of Top 5 Business account in UAE

List of Top 5 Business account in UAE

Dubai offers enough options for foreign investors to choose a particular bank. It has some large global banks as well as some local and Islamic banks, which provide various banking solutions to meet every day to day business need. Banks play a vital role in driving business success. Choosing a particular bank can be a very tedious task, but choosing a bank that matches your specifications, goals, objectives, and interests is just as important.

List of top 5 Business account in UAE

1- Emirates NBD Commercial Bank

Emirates NBD offers several customized banking packages, one of which is its commercial bank account. It promotes all basic banking necessities. Features and benefits Access to exclusive facilities of commercial banks Branches, ATMs and cash deposit machines throughout the UAE Access to business-related online banking services Accounts can be accessed in multiple currencies such as USD, AED, GBP, EUR and JPY

Fees for Emirates NBD Commercial Bank Account:

  1. Interest rate 0%
  2. The minimum balance maintained at AED 50,000
  3. Monthly AED 200
  4. Currency account
  5. Approval time: 3 days
  6. Local Transfer AED 45
  7.  International remittance fee AED 85

2- Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) Premium Current Account

ADCB is committed to meeting various business needs and meeting every requirement. They offer six different business accounts, each of which is tailored to meet specific requirements. A current premium account is one of six accounts that meets all the basic needs of a commercial bank Features and benefits: The average monthly balance should be maintained in the statement. Unlimited cashier transactions. Multi-currency flexibility. Discount prices for payment transactions and online banking. Dedicated Account Manager. Debit card / ATM for easy withdrawal.

ADCB Premium Current Account Fee:

  1. Interest rate 0%
  2. Minimum balance maintained at AED 50,000
  3. Monthly AED 100
  4. Relationship Manager
  5.  Currency account
  6. Approval time: 3 days
  7. Local Transfer AED 25
  8. International remittance fee AED 50

3- Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) My Business account

CBD offers commercial bank account packages that not only have value-added capabilities but also meet your daily banking needs and expectations. My Business Account package is for customers who want to maintain a low bank account balance.

Features and benefits:

  1. Choose six account denominations (AED, USD, GBP, EURO, JPY, CNY)
  2. Approval time: 2 days
  3. Free first checkbook and open business debit card.
  4. Customer relationship management based on branches.
  5. Free Dubai Chamber of Commerce prepaid card.
  6. Access the web-based business consulting services and business planning toolkit through the Resource Center.

Cost of CBD My Business Account:

  1. Minimum monthly balance AED 20k or equivalent in foreign currency.
  2. Minimum monthly fee of AED 150, unable to maintain a minimum balance
  3. Interest rate 0%
  4. Local Transfer AED 50
  5. International remittance fee AED

4- FAB Business Advantage Account

FAB offers a range of banking solutions tailored to each business type and size. Business Advantage accounts have a checkbook feature and minimum balance requirements—features and benefits—very competitive fee structure. A balance of at least AED 10,000 should be maintained. Mid-market, SMEs, and multinational companies can take advantage of multiple currency options.

Fees for FAB Business Advantage accounts:

  1. Interest rate 0%
  2. Maintain a minimum balance of AED 10,000
  3. The minimum monthly payment is 100 dirhams, and a minimum balance cannot be maintained.
  4. Relationship manager.
  5. Currency account.
  6. The approval time is two days.
  7. Local transfer costs AED 10.
  8. International remittance costs are Dh40.

5- Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) Business Elite Account

ADIB’s Business Elite account provides personalized commercial banking solutions to meet every need. It comes with a relationship manager to facilitate banks.

Features and benefits:

  1. Free and unlimited teller transactions.
  2. Commercial Platinum Debit Card with High ATM and POS Limits.
  3. Personalized ADIB Commercial Platinum Checkbook.
  4. More than 15 currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, RMB, etc. Fees for ADIB

Business Elite Account:

  1. Interest rate 0%
  2. Monthly AED 25
  3. Minimum balance AED 200,000
  4. Approval time: 1 day
  5. Relationship Manager
  6. International and local transfer costs AED 0
  7. There are many banks on the market that provide customized/personalized banking solutions to simplify and streamline financial management.

 Each account is tailored to meet the needs of specific business types/scales. Understand your commercial banking needs and compare them with the services provided by your bank, then choose the right bank.

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