List of top debt agency in UAE

debt agency in UAE

Debt is something that a party (borrower or debtor) owes to the other party (lender or creditor), usually money. Debt is a deferred payment or a series of payments owed in the future, which is different from immediate purchase. 

Debt can be owed by a sovereign state or country, local government, company, or individual. Commercial debt is usually subject to contractual terms regarding the repayment of principal and interest and the time of repayment. 

Loans, bonds, notes, and mortgages are all types of debt. The term can also be used metaphorically to cover ethical obligations and other interactions that are not based on economic value.


Interest is a fee paid to the creditor by the borrower. Interest is calculated on the principal amount and can be the semiannual or annual basis.

Interest rates can be fixed or floating. In the floating rate structure, the interest rates paid by the borrower during each period are linked to benchmarks such as the Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR), and for inflation index bonds, they are linked to inflation.

There are many different conventions for calculating interest. According to the debt terms, compound interest may accumulate at specific intervals. Also, there are different daily counting conventions; for example, sometimes each month is considered to have exactly 30 days, so the interest payable for each calendar month is the same. The annual interest rate (APR) is a standardized method for calculating and comparing interest rates each year. The US and UK loan regulations for most individuals require an APR quote rate.

 For some loans, the actual amount lent to the debtor is less than the principal to be repaid. This may be due to the receipt of upfront fees or points, or because the structure of the loan is by Islamic teachings. The extra principal due at the end of the period has the same economic impact as the higher interest rate. Borrowers with higher risks usually have to pay higher interest rates to compensate the borrower for the credit of additional default risk. Debt investors can assess default risk before the loan, such as through credit scores and corporate and sovereign ratings. 

Three main repayment methods can be used: all principal balances may expire when the loan expires; all principal balances can be amortized over the loan period; or they can be amortized over the loan period, with the remaining principal as “Balloon payment” expires. Amortization structures are common in mortgages and credit cards.

Default rule

The various types of debtors default on their debts, the consequences of which depend on the terms of the debt and the law of breach of contract in the relevant jurisdiction. If the debt is secured by specific collateral (such as a car or house), the creditor can seek to recover the collateral. In more serious cases, individuals and companies may go bankrupt.

There are various companies in the United Arab Emirates which provide debt collections services. 

1- ABC Debt Collection

ABC is a leading company in the United Arab Emirates, headquartered in Dubai, with offices in Ain, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, India, India, and Pakistan and effectively represented.

ABC is handled by experts in their respective fields. Therefore, our business is broadly divided into professional departments, including

  1. Local tracking/receipt.
  2. Skip tracking/retraction.
  3. Special treatment of the law.
  4. Soft collection.
  5. Hardcore collection.
  6. Logout collection.
  7. Automatic loan collection.
  8. Live collection.
  9. Remote collection.

2- Dubai Debt Recovery

Dubai debt Recovery can help clients get in touch with the best and experienced legal experts. They help clients find the most skilled and professional lawyers and defense lawyers from leading law firms. The experience and skills of a certified attorney will help clients to hear their case in court professionally.

The Dubai Debt Recovery Company prides itself on providing the best legal services to the valued clients in the shortest possible time. Their focus is on providing legal convenience and convenience to our clients. The company is rated as the top third-party service provider in Dubai. Their website provides comprehensive information and guidance to those seeking help with any legal issues.

3- Overseas debt recovery

ODR is one of the leading debt collection agencies in the UAE, specializing in debt and outstanding payments both locally and internationally. ODR has served more than 700 clients on the market for 20 years through legal channels, including commercial, civil, criminal, arbitration, and friendly court settlements. The company has partner offices in more than 20 countries in each emirate. ODR can start collecting payments and save time, and maintain a good relationship with customers! Upon receipt of the claim file, they will endeavor to recover the money and keep in touch with the customer, and they send a detailed report regularly each time development occurs. Save time and start collecting money now.

4- Taswiyeh

Taswiyeh is committed to alternative dispute resolution and out-of-court settlements in all areas of the law.

Their team specializes in providing high-quality out-of-court dispute resolution for business matters, which will help to maintain continuity of business relationships. Their services are tailored to meet the needs of each client in a confidential, non-judging, and friendly environment. The company offers ways to resolve disputes, with a particular focus on mediation and reconciliation. This assistance covers controversial business matters as well as issues related to engineering and construction. 

In addition to commercial brokerage and project management, the company also provides debt restructuring, debt purchase, and accounts receivable management.

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