One Health Pass Registration Guide

One Health Pass Registration

Traveling is a passion and a requirement as well. Some people travel to explore the world others travel to earn. Whatever the reason, Covid has made it difficult to move around.  UAE is the residence of many immigrants from around the world including the Philippines. During the Covid 19 pandemic, strict restrictions were applied to enter the Philippines. These restrictions handicapped travel to many areas of the world including the Philippines. However, now they have introduced a system of health, vaccination, and quarantine to provide ease to the people traveling to the Philippines. This system is known as One Health Pass. 

Want to know more about this One Health Pass?

Below is everything you need to know before traveling to the Philippines.

What is One Health Pass (OHP)?

The Philippines has introduced an online system for everyone traveling to the Philippines called the One Health Pass. It is a necessity for traveling to the Philippines. This pass gets the information from you about your health, vaccination, and covid tests. Moreover, it provides you with all the information about your quarantine, and your stay in the Philippines. 

Instead of going through all the paperwork, this online system is quick and easy. It ensures your personal information is safe and secured. Everyone traveling to the Philippines for work or vocational purposes must get their One Health Pass registration done before their departure from other countries. 

When to register for one health pass?

If you are planning to travel to the Philippines, it is impossible without getting a One Health Pass. 

Let’s take a quick look at when should you register for the One Health Pass.

The first thing you must examine before determining when you should apply for OHP is your pre-departure requirements. If you lie under the below criterion, you are exempted from pre-departure testing. 

  1. Those who are younger than 11 of age, are exempted from the pre-departure testing.
  2. No need to go through the testing if you are fully vaccinated at an age of 12-17.
  3. If you are above 18, then full vaccination and a booster dose can save you from pre-departure testing. 

When you know that you fit the above criteria, you need to register for OHP at least 48 hours before leaving the departure country. If not, then you will have to undergo a Covid test and will be eligible to register immediately after getting negative results. 

How to register for One Health Pass?

The complete process of registering for One Health Pass is on an online portal. There is no app available yet, but the website is easy to open even on your cell phone. You can access the website through your PC, laptop, phone, and tablet. Follow the simple procedure and get yourself registered for the OHP. 

  1. Visit the website of one health pass and provide the required information i.e., Full name, date of birth, nationality, vaccination details, travel history, etc.
  2. You will get a transaction number and QR code after a successful registration. Keep this QR code secure as a screenshot because it will be needed once you land at the Philippines airport. 
  3. The next step is an electronic health declaration certificate. You will have to complete the checklist of the health declaration card before boarding for the Philippines.
  4. This health declaration certificate will issue a personalized QR code to be shown while entering the geography of the Philippines.
  5. Once you show your QR code to the airport officials, they will assign you a hotel and further process your immigration.

This is an easy process that saves you time and effort. Everything is done electronically and requires no haste of rushing here and there to complete the documentation. 

No doubt, it is a great step by the Philippines government that is beneficial for travelers and the Filipino staff as well. 

Who should get One health pass?

Everyone traveling from any state or country is bound to register for One Health Pass while traveling to the Philippines. Whether you are an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), a non-overseas Filipino worker (non-OWF), or a foreign national it is a compulsion to get yourself registered for One Health Pass before traveling to the Philippines.

In short, all passengers are bound to successfully register for the One Health Pass before traveling to the Philippines. 

Validation period of one health pass

A very important point to be noted is the validation period of One Health Pass registration. The registration opens only three days before your departure which means your One health pass will be valid only if you register within 3 days before leaving the departure country. In case your registration is older than three days before arrival, your one health pass will be considered invalid. 

Fee for one health pass 

The complete process of registering for One Health Pass is online. It is free of charge. It only helps to manage and control the health assurance of the people traveling to the Philippines.

Advantages to Get One Health Pass

Technology has upgraded to an extreme level. The perfect use of science and technology has provided a lot of convenience to mankind. One health pass is a great example of it. One health pass has numerous benefits. Following are a few advantages that this system provides.

  1. First of all, this system is a time saver. It saves you a lot of time by completing all the procedures online.
  2. Secondly, it helps you keep a record of your own travel data. All information about your travel and quarantine is gathered on one platform.
  3. Moreover, it reduces the stress for Filipinos working outside the country to deal with agencies. This saves them money and provides relief as well.

To sum up 

It is a great step by the Philippines government to gather all information regarding the health and stay of travelers under one system. One health pass is easy to register, safe to use, and saves you from hectic paperwork. A few clicks on the screen and you are done with your documentation to travel to the Philippines. 

Hope you found everything you were looking for about the one health pass registration!

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