How to open a Dubai Islamic bank account

How to open a Dubai Islamic bank account

Joined in the year 1975, Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is an Islamic Bank in Dubai. All along, DIB has stayed a client-driven association, where redone individual assistance and trustworthiness structure the premise of all relationships. The bank cooks exhaustive answers for any monetary needs of its significant clients. Here we will discuss in detail how we can open Dubai Islamic bank account.

DIB offers a tremendous scope of significant worth-driven financial offices across the UAE, all in consistence with Sharia standards. Among the different items presented by DIB, a ledger is probably its best item. DIB offers different kinds of ledgers like current records, investment account, 2-in-1 records, and business records to satisfy the different financial need of its client. Every single Dubai Islamic Bank Account accompanies different stunning provisions and advantages that assist its client with capitalizing on their cash.

Provisions and Benefits of Dubai Islamic Bank Accounts

  • Following are the fundamental provisions and advantages of the financial balances presented by DIB:
  • Alluring Profit Rates: The record holder of the Dubai Islamic Bank Account can benefit from appealing and serious benefit rates.
  • Different Currencies: DIB Bank accounts are accessible in numerous monetary forms
  • Versatile and Online Banking: The bank offers the office of web-based banking and portable banking to facilitate the financial experience of its record holder.
  • Bill Payment Facilities: The record holder can partake in the free bill installment office through a few DIB financial balances. The choices for charge installments are DEWA, FEWA, SEWA, Du, Etisalat, and Salik.
  • Record Statements: The record holder can account for explanations liberated from cost.

Dubai Islamic Bank Account Types

  1. Dubai Islamic Current Account
  2. Dubai Islamic Saving Account
  3. Dubai Islamic Business Account

From current records and investment accounts to 2-in-1 records and business accounts, DIB offers a wide scope of financial balances to meet the expanded financial necessities of its client.

  • DIB Current Accounts: DIB Current Accounts are intended for the comfort of its client, giving them simple admittance to their assets regardless of where they are. DIB offers 3 current records for example Al Islami Current Account, Al Islami Current Account Plus, and Johara Current Account. Every one of these DIB current records has its own special component that makes them not the same as one another. Also, they offer a lot of free administrations like month-to-month teller exchanges, really take a look at book, charge installment office, and considerably more.
  • DIB Savings Accounts: DIB offers 5 sorts of Shariah Complaint Savings Account for example Reward Saver Account, AI Islami Savings Account, AI Islami E-Savings Account, Shaatir Savings Account, and Johara Savings Account. These financial balances accompany energizing components and advantages that permit its record holder to save proficiently.
  • DIB 2-in-1 Accounts: The Dubai Islamic Bank offers a 2-in-1 record that furnishes the record holder with joined advantages of a Current just as Savings account. This financial balance offers fantastic financial administrations ensuring its record holder to give access any time and from anyplace on the planet. The offices of the actual look at the book, free teller exchanges, and the adaptability of acquiring appealing benefits on the stores are presented on this DIB Bank Account.
  • DIB Business Accounts: The Dubai Islamic Bank offers three record bundles for example the AI Islami Business Account, AI Islami Business Account Plus, and AI Islami Business Account Premium to remain ahead in the present powerful business climate. Every one of these business accounts presented by the DIB is stacked with exceptional components and advantages to give its record holder an accommodation of dealing with their day by day finance without breaking a sweat.

Eligibility and Documents

For opening a financial balance with DIB, the candidate needs to meet the accompanying qualification measures as dictated by the bank:

For the AI Islami Current Accounts, the minimum required amount is AED 3,000. The AI Islami Savings Accounts required amount is        AED 10,000. For the AI Islami 2-in-1 Accounts, the applicants require an amount of AED 3,000. The AI Islami Business Accounts require an amount of AED 50,000.

For the Al Islami Business Account the required document is a valid passport / Resident Visa.

How to Open an Account in Dubai Islamic Bank?

Clients can open a DIB Bank Account by visiting the closest DIB branch, presenting a web-based application, or through telephone banking.

Online Applications

The most straightforward method of opening a financial balance with DIB is through an internet-based mode. The candidate is just needed to visit the authority site of the bank and can apply the ideal financial balance by tapping on the ‘apply now button. From that point forward, fill in the fundamental subtleties in the application shape and submit it to the bank.

  1. Branch Visit
  2. Candidates can likewise visit one of the numerous DIB branches to open a ledger.
  3. Telephone Banking
  4. Clients can likewise contact a DIB delegate through telephone to open a ledger with DIB.

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