Top 5 Saving Accounts In Dubai

In Dubai, it is very difficult to find saving accounts. In this distress, we are giving hand to aware you about top five saving accounts in Dubai. These saving account in Dubai UAE are not only contributing saving accounts at handsome interest percentages but also the registration and documentation are also very pleasant and welcoming. These five accounts are very competitive that it is so much effortful to decide that in which of these accounts you should go with.

List of Top Saving Account in Dubai

1.Emirates NBD Smart Saver Account.
2.ADCB active saver account
3.United Arab Bank Ultra Savings Account
4.National Bank of Fujairah Max Saver Account
5.CBI Saver Account

Saving Account in Dubai UAE
Saving Account in Dubai UAE

Let’s go through all these saving accounts to get important information about them.

1.Emirates NBD Smart Saver Account

One of the most beneficial saving accounts is Emirates NBD smart saver account. It offers the best percentage of interest in the account balance. It is not only applicable to Arab Emirate Dirham (AED) but also to supreme currencies. For example USD, GBP and EUR. In addition, its interest rates are just so fine and admirable.this account has so many adorable characteristics and benefits. Some of them are listed here:


  1. The amounts can be transferred to the accounts online or cash depositing machines.
  2. There is totally no need for ATMs and other exhaustions to support saving.
    In addition to these handsome features, the amount of fees is also very reasonable.
  3. Interest amount is1.5% only
  4. No annual fee
  5. No monthly fee

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2. ADCB Active Saver Account

This account is known because of its yielding and easy slotting policy. This easy slotting policy is so helpful because it can be opened online and the initial registrations are so easy.

The Characteristics of this saver account are:

  1. The interest percentage is figured out every day constantly.
  2. Online banking of this account saver is also an appealing thing.

This account is also amongst the list of top 5 saving accounts in Dubai because of its low fees and charges.

  1. Interest rate is just 1.65%
  2. No annual fee and no monthly fee.

3. United Arab Bank Ultra Savings

This account is well recognized because of sound interest rates. This account boosts saving to profit high rates of interest.

Other characteristics are as followed:

  1. Interest is ought to be 2% paid on a monthly basis.
  2. There is absolutely no limit of withdrawals.
  3. Zero charges of maintenance
  4. Minimum balance is 3000 AED for this account.

4. National Bank Of Fujairah Max Saver Account:

This Nbf saver account is easing the clients by providing them the ultimate profit out of their saved amounts. It helps the consumers to get the best and handsome amount of saying.

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5. CBI Saver Account:

 This CBI account has got so much fame because of so many facilities like withdrawing money several times, etc.

The lowest amount to be maintained in this account is also 3000 like all others also the interest must be paid monthly. So this is the list of top 5 saving accounts in Dubai from where you can secure your savings.

The above is best handpicks saving accounts from all banks in UAE, these are the best saving account in UAE so far based on requirements, benefits and bank services. Before opening bank account must check terms and condition with the bank and always check charges and fee which bank is charging with term and condition of the bank.

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  1. Amazing list of savings accounts for Dubai is mentioned in this article which I was never knowing. I got all the required information which I was looking for. thank you for suggesting the best savings account and I will surely try some of this.

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