Sehteq insurance Review

Sehteq insurance review

Sehteq is a computerized health care coverage supplier in the UAE, that gives a wide scope of reasonable, easy to understand, and powerful health care coverage plans intended to give exhaustive wellbeing inclusion to the two ostracizes and UAE nationals.

The advanced startup has as of late figured out how to accumulate subsidizing of AED 20 million making it one of the greatest market players in the startup class.

Why Choose Sehteq Health Insurance Company?

Sehteq health care coverage organization Dubai is quite possibly the most dependable and famous protection provider in the UAE that offers plenty of protection and money-related administrations in the UAE. In case you are anticipating protecting the eventual fate of your friends and family you can pick a medical coverage plan from the Sehteq health care coverage organization. Best of all, Sehteq’s medical coverage costs are reasonable making it advantageous for clients. The policyholder can pick on the web or disconnected help dependent on their accommodation.

Components and Benefits of Sehteq Health Insurance

The notable elements and advantages of Sehteq health care coverage are as per the following-

Pre-Approval and Authorizations

With Sehteq health care coverage, the organization’s emergency clinics and other specialist co-ops don’t request pre-endorsements and approvals. Protection purchasers can essentially visit Sehteq’s internet-based entrance, present the necessary records, and get endorsement in minutes.

Broadened Coverage

Under Sehteq health care coverage clients can get broadened inclusion.

Offers and Discounts

Clients are qualified to appreciate progressing offers and limits presented by the supplier. Limits and offers are liable to change dependent on the organization rules.

Overall Coverage

Sehteq health care coverage gives overall inclusion which ensures wellbeing and security to its clients paying little mind to their geological area, barring Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Extremely durable Disability and Critical Illness Coverage

Policyholders can upgrade the security models by selecting long-lasting inability and basic disease inclusion.

Sehteq Health Insurance Plan Inclusions

The inpatient considerations under approaches presented by Sehteq health care coverage Company are as per the following-

  • All out inclusion of AED 150,000
  • Patient convenience at the emergency clinic
  • Clinical trials, symptomatic charges, medicines, surgeries for non-crisis administrations.
  • Crisis medicines
  • Transportation administrations (emergency vehicle)
  • Inpatient maternity administrations
  • Convenience for an individual going with patient up to the age of 16 for AED 100 every evening.

Here is a summary on considerations on the outpatient administrations presented by Sehteq medical coverage organization

  • Clinical assessments, diagnostics, medicines, conferences
  • Research center tests
  • X-ray, CT-examine, X-beams, endoscopies
  • 6 meetings of Physiotherapy
  • Drug store costs with a covering of AED 1500 every year
  • Sehteq Health Insurance Company Exclusions
  • The prohibitions under Sehteq clinical Insurance plans are as per the following-
  • Techniques and therapies are not restoratively essential.
  • All dental and orthodontic techniques.
  • Medical services methodology performed by unapproved professionals.
  • Costs caused in the treatment of hearing, vision, prosthetic revisions
  • Mental illnesses both inpatient and outpatient
  • Medical services methodology including needle therapy, pressure point massage, homeopathic therapies, and so on
  • Diseases caused because of smoking and nicotine utilization.

Sehteq Health Insurance Claim Process

The Sehteq medical coverage guarantee measure is straightforward and bother free. Clients can pick the vehicle of asserting dependent on their accommodation. You should simply fill the case shape and submit it with important records for handling. This should be possible by both on the web and disconnected means. When the case is presented the supplier will research and the cycle is trailed by the dispensing of assets.

Documents needed for guarantee accommodation and preparing

  • Guarantee structure
  • Doctor’s visit expenses and solicitations
  • Strategy papers
  • ID confirmation
  • Substantial UAE visa for ostracizes
  • Different reports according to the supplier’s prerequisite.


  1. Worst insurance. Do not buy or you will suffer. While buying list includes many clinics and hospitals but in reality the insurance is not accepted. Extremely bad experience. Will never ever buy this in future.

  2. Dont Buy Sehtaq insurance its fraud . Who ever take their policy they will suffer and they will not pay to providers also

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