Six month probation period and resignation in UAE

Six month probation period and resignation?

Most companies have a so-called trial period. This is the time employers use to assess whether you are suitable for the position you are recruiting for. If the employer finds your job performance satisfactory, he may confirm your job. The “employment confirmation” in the UAE means that you are now a permanent member of the company and are eligible to use all the facilities of the employees.

There are two situations:

  1. You resign on your own during the trial period.
  2. Your employer requires you to leave (expelled) during the trial period;

You resign during the trial period:

If you resign during the trial period, you will not be entitled to any remuneration. Tips will only become effective after you have completed at least one year of continuous work;

If your contract mentions visa fees, you may be asked to repay; (Update: But according to the Ministry of Labor and Minister’s announcement, you do not need to reimburse the company for any fees related to visas and other fees. Read: Pay Visa Fees UAE).

Your employer fires you during the probationary period:

Most contracts mention that while you are in the trial period, you may be asked to leave the company within one day or any notice period specified in the contract. Some employers may require you to pay for your visa. But this is illegal unless stated in your labor contract.

Even during the probation period, according to the labor contract, the notice period required for employees is one month. Depending on your designation and qualifications, you may face MOL’s automatic ban. If you resign, there is no risk. If you find a better employer or a better offer, or you do not like the working environment, you can leave your current job. It is recommended that you maintain directness with your current employer in case you resign so that they can timely hire your replacement to fill your vacancy.

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