Top 10 credit cards that you can consider in UAE (2019)

Before starting to list of the top 10 credit cards one can acquire in UAE, it might be beneficial to first take a look on a couple of tips while getting a credit card as it can be a pretty tricky business. Credit cards are by no means a necessity for everyone and if you’re someone who spends way too much without keeping yourself accountable, then you should definitely reconsider about getting a credit card. There is a list of best credit card in UAE in 2019.

Credit Card Basic Requirments and Needs:

  • Get an idea of where you spend and how much. 
  • Some banks have put up annual charges on the credit card and this fee can go up to DH 2,000. These paid cards do offer some benefits but it varies from person to person and not all benefits might be applicable to you and you’ll be paying for things you never avail. Therefore make sure to check the bank for a credit card fee and what it offers. 
  • Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the interest rate. Islamic banks can be a major advantage here is they are Sharia-compliant and they do not take an interest. Other banks might be offering a couple of different benefits but the annual interest rates can often climb up a lot more than expected.
  • Always make sure to understand the benefits you will be availing with your credit card usage. Whether your most frequently visited restaurants, brands, and even your airline of preference is associated with any kind of discounts with the bank you are applying for a credit card in. Do proper research and only then get a card of the bank that suits you the most.
  • Many of the banks offer more than one card for different purposes such as one for online purchase. However, only use the card if you really need it and more preferably, only use one card and don’t keep all the others around for no reason. 
  • If you plan on using your credit card abroad as well then it might be good for you to check the interest rates of the respective bank for overseas usage. 
  • Don’t activate your credit shield if you are not going to use your card for heavy expenses. A credit shield is basically a negligible amount being deducted in case of any accidents.

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List of best top 10 credit card in UAE

Now that we have discussed the points to be considered before getting a credit card and making sure you’re not being hasty, let’s see some of the best credit cards offers in UAE in 2019:

  1. Citi Bank: there is no late and over-limit fee and min salary requirement is just 5000 AED.
  2. Standard Chartered Platinum Card: Min Salary requirement: 5000 AED
  3. CBD Visa Platinum Credit Card: Min Salary, 8000 AED. 
  4. CBD eTijari Web Card: Mn Salary: 8,000 AED. 
  5. ADIB Value Plus Card: Min Salary, 5000 AED
  6. Noor Bank Priority World Credit card: Min Salary, 35,000 AED
  7. Najm Platinum Cashback Credit Card: Min Salary, 7000 AED. 
  8. Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card: Min Salary, 5000 AED. 
  9. Emirates NBD Titanium Credit Card: Min Salary, 5000 AED
  10. RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card: Min Salary, 10,000 AED

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It is important to note that cards should be chosen based on their usage. There are many more banks offering credit cards and you should definitely do some research before jumping into anything. Some banks offer better deals than others and have more brand associations. You might get better discount offers for a certain superstore you visit frequently by means of a certain bank’s credit card. Some banks also provide free lounge access on airports, discounts on selective restaurants, etc.

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