Top 5 Travel Credit Card In Dubai

There are only limited things in the world which provide opportunities for the traveler to travel around the world with discounts. Isn’t it too amazing? Now you can travel without taking tension of your budget. Just pack your bags, grab the travel credit card and you are good to go. Travel credit card s are very popular among the people of the UAE. The travel credit card provides a vast range of benefits and rewards to the cardholders. Through travel cards, you can get reward points which can be exchanged in a form of free or discounted flights tickets, hotel reservations, and many more. So in this article, you will get to know about the top 5 travel credit cards for UAE.

1- Najm Voyager Signature Credit Card

So in the first place, we have Najm Voyager Signature Credit card. It provides the best rewards and benefits to the cardholder’s that perfectly fulfill their needs.
Benefits of Najm Voyager Signature Credit Card:

  • The cardholder’s can earn 2.2-4 voyager on every AED whether you have spent it locally or out side the boarders.
  • Most surprisingly , you will get entree to more than 550 airport lounges both locally and internationally.
  • While travelling you can enjoy 50% discount on dining.
  • The new customers of Voyager will get 900 rewards as they sign up.
  • Moreover, the cardholder’s can get special discounts on shopping, dining etc.

2- Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card

This travel credit card is launched by the very popular Standard Chartered Bank with a slogan of “ Fly more for less”. It is the another best card for constant travelers. The major yes for this travel credit card is that it is not only limited to traveling but it also provides other discounts to cardholders like in gyms, movie tickets, etc.

Benefits of Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card:

  • The cardholder can earn rewards on every single spend of USD.
  • They provide the cashbook option for reservation of flights tickets, hotel booking, etc.
  • You can free entry for various golf clubs moreover you will get free access to the any Health Club worldwide
  • The new customers of Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card will earn 900 points as they sign up.
  • On Saturdays, you can avail 50% off at VOX Cinemas.

3- ADCB Traveler credit card:

So the third position in the top 5 travel credit card list goes to ADCB Traveler credit card. This card is specially designed for constants travelers.

Benefits of ADBC Traveller credit card:

  • When the cardholder’s book their flights through ADBC Traveller credit card then they can avail 20% on the tickets.
  • Also, the cardholder’s can get 20% on the hotel reservation through ADCB Traveller credit card.
  • You can earn 2 points on every AED spent via this card.
  • The most amazing thing that ADBC Traveller credit card provides is that you can get 15-20 % off in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.
  • Free travel insurance is complementary with the ADBS Traveller credit card.

4- ADIB Etihad Gold Card

The ADIB Etihad Gold Cad guarantee their customers that they can provide amazing discounts and indulge the customers in the best benefits.

Benefits of ADIB Etihad Gold Card:

  • As a new customer sign’s up, he/she will get 35,000 free miles from ADIB Etihad Gold Card.
  • The cardholder will get 1-1.5 miles on every 4 DH spent through the card.
  • Most surprisingly, you will get entree to more than 500 airport lounges both locally and internationally.
  • Your companion will get a free ticket when you book your tickets via ADIB Etihad Gold Card.

5- HSBC Platinum Select credit card

So the third position in the top 5 travel credit card list goes
HSBC Platinum Select credit card. HSBC allows their cardholders to get amazing discounts on shopping, dining, and booking. They also free air miles along with the discounts.

  • The cardholder will get 4 miles on every 1 AED spent through the card.
  • The cardholder can avail 12% discount on booking a flight through AGODA.
  • On Saturdays, you can avail buy 1 get 1 free ticket at VOX Cinemas.
  • Valet parking is free for most of the restaurants for only those people who own HSBC Platinum Select credit card.
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Top 5 Travel Credit Card In Dubai
The best credits card for travelers in UAE for avail the deals in airport lounge access, skywards, accommodation and free other services while traveling.

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