Top restaurants in Dubai 2021

Top restaurants in Dubai 2021

From noodles to shawarma, from sushi to steaks, the quality and variety of Dubai restaurants is amazing.

During these challenging 12 months, Dubai restaurants have struggled to provide the best service, food, and value in order to adapt to these rapidly changing times. To help you decide where to dine (breakfast, lunch, or brunch), we’ll dine at the best restaurants in Dubai.

From inexpensive piece meals to fine dining, we ate it all. We paid for all meals and dine anonymously – this means that you know that we get the same as you and you can believe what we say.

Having eaten the best city in a year (we know a tough performance), we nominated our champion. Here are some of the best restaurants in Dubai. So let’s dig in.

1- BB Social Dinning

This place has all fours, but what you can’t find is boring. The dishes are created by a creative culinary mind, and the packages, snacks, bowls and grill plates are creative, creative and cool. Everything from edamame hummus to soft shell crab buns is delicious and has a lot of care and attention invested in it. Don’t miss the katsu sandos too, they are top-notch (so good, now there is takeaway) and when you’re here, baobabs are a must for dessert lovers.

2- Hutong

Yes, a shard from London. One of Hutong’s main ingredients is humble chili, and the restaurant’s reputation is as hot as its savory dishes. The plate is full of taste and imagination – trust us, you will understand when you go down there – and you can add as much warmth to the order as possible, there is no reason not to take the spice. A global brand that brings Chinese restaurants to life in Dubai.

3- 21 Grams

This small restaurant serves authentic Balkan food, which is simply amazing. After a short break last year, 21Grams is back with a new menu, but with the same family atmosphere, stronger than ever. The pride in recipes and ingredients shines, after breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is the best choice. Flaky, totally more Spanakopita is wonderful, the meze is delicious, you are sure to find flavors and dishes that you have never tasted before. If 21Grams is not your focus, it should be.

4- The MAINE Land Brasserie

The youngest member of the Maine tribe, this is the most fashionable and intelligent member of this group. Decorated with stunning chandeliers and wood paneling, the space looks gorgeous and elegant. The menu here reproduces many of the dishes you know and love (hello delicious grilled octopus and mouth-watering fish tacos), but the menu features French improvisations featuring high-quality grills and the protagonist of snails. Don’t miss the desserts here (we recommend the custard pudding).

5- LPM bar and restaurant

LPM Restaurant & Bar is no stranger to being on the catwalk, is a staunch supporter of our list of the best French restaurants in Dubai and has won this title multiple times for its consistent consistency. There is nothing outstanding about the packed classic menu. Don’t miss the perfect rosé lamb chops, aromatic and tasty dauphin Oise potatoes and beautiful juicy prawns in olive oil. The atmosphere is warm, whether it is a date or a business lunch, it is the best choice.

6- Mythos Kouzina & Grill

Favorite bistro JLT wins the championship for the second year in a row. Mythos Kouzina & Grill is always a pleasure. While travel is nearly impossible, it is as close as we are in Greece right now. The cozy restaurant resembles a traditional snow-white tavern, and its selection of Greek cuisine is completely authentic. There is no shortage of hot grills, salads, hot bread and even Greek-style hamburgers, and the tzatziki are the best in town. Importantly, it is also excellent value for money.

7- Mama zonia

Bars, Restaurants, Ladies’ Nightclubs – Mama Zonia is a stylish collaborative store that spans all bases. The dense foliage inside creates a tropical rainforest feel, while the terrace offers great views of Dubai Marina. The food is also very flattering, think of ceviche, sushi, grill, etc. (If you are looking for something different, even curry frog legs).

8- Allo Beirut

When it comes to fast and casual Levantine cuisine, Allo Beirut means business. The colorful roadside stalls serve the best shawarma in town. Unlike many similar Lebanese restaurant pit stops, Allo Beirut offers a full range of services, from breakfast fats and hot buns to mature grills and barbecues.

9- Ninive

It looks like an elite camp in the desert, and you can dine here away from the office buildings in the financial district of the city, but in fact it is right next to them. The contemporary menu is inspired by the flavors of Morocco, Iran, Iraq and Turkey and offers a wide variety of Arabic and North African cuisine, as well as special general dishes, including mixed barbecue, fatty salad and almond kunafa.

10- Wes lodge Saloon

The Wes lodge Saloon gives us a little dive into life in the North District. This Canadian restaurant has many attractive features on the menu and outside the window (after all, it is located on the 68th floor). Order fried chicken and dig in.

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