What do you need to know about C3Pay?

What do you need to know about C3Pay

C3 is the market leader in payment card services in the United Arab Emirates, providing many companies and financial institutions with cards that can be used to easily and securely pay their employees.

The demand for such solutions in the construction industry is particularly strong to meet the needs of corporate clients to comply with local payroll tracking regulations.

The C3Pay card was formerly known as the MyC3 card and its mission is to provide an alternative to paychecks or direct deposits for corporate clients / large companies. By using the C3Pay card, cardholders can avoid carrying large amounts of cash, and the payee can use the card in a variety of places where MasterCard is accepted, including restaurants, entertainment and shops, online or over the phone.

The C3Pay card is a payroll card that cardholders can use to withdraw money and make purchases across the country, providing them with financial protection.

What is C3 Pay Card?

C3 cards can be used to withdraw money at over 350 ATMs, as well as for physical or online payments. When connected to the C3 mobile app, it can provide financial services that could be used by employees who previously did not have a bank account: real-time balances, transaction records, mobile top-ups, etc.

Through a partnership between C3 and the Ras Al Khaimah National Bank, RakBank, founded in 1976, users will also be able to receive microfinance and, most importantly, use RakMoney to transfer funds to multiple Southeast Asian countries in real time.

On May 1, RakBank CEO Peter England and Edenred Africa and Middle East Managing Director Marwan Hashem signed a cooperation agreement at a press conference at Dubai Seamless Middle East Exhibition, the largest trade show in payments, e-commerce and retail.

On the same occasion at Edenred Asia Pacific and Middle East COO Laurent Pellet, C3 CEO Anas Zaydan, PPS Chairman Ray Brush and RakBank CEO Peter England.

Foreigners in the UAE working for companies or companies registered with Edenred can use C3Pay cards for immediate ATM withdrawals and flexible use of their funds.

One of the important aspects of the C3Pay card is that it takes into account the requirements of employers and cardholders.

How to use a C3Pay card?

All MasterCard ATMs in the UAE and worldwide accept C3Pay cards. It will also be accepted by supermarkets, hypermarkets, restaurants, cleaning workshops, etc.

C3Pay card registration

You can register with the C3Pay card service online by downloading their mobile applications on Google Play and App Store.

C3Pay card service

You can use the services of the C3Pay card using mobile applications (iOS and Android).

The C3Pay card you received will be connected to the mobile application, where you can access various banking services such as

Card service

  • Balance inquiry and transaction records, monthly inquiry fee of AED 1
  • Request for AED 25 declaration per electronic copy
  • Top up the balance of local and international mobile communications
  • Have your report subscribe to SMS Security Alerts (SMS per transaction) and SMS Payroll Alerts.

Money transfer

Using the C3Pay mobile app and RAK transfer, you can transfer funds anytime, anywhere with the best exchange rate and affordable transfer fees.

Benefits of the C3Pay card the C3 card has many advantages, here are some of them

  • Convenient dashboard with options for transfers, instant mobile top-ups, SMS security alerts and COVID-19 updates.
  • Provide detailed transaction history
  • Withdraw money from an ATM
  • Instant money transfer between C3Pay cardholders
  • Easy option to block / unblock a card or request a card replacement
  • The customer support phone number 600567772 will help you resolve any card issues.
  • WhatsApp support channel for money transfer requests
  • Latest exchange rate for international money transfers maintained by RAKBANK

Steps to keep your card secure

  • Never give your PIN to anyone
  • Do not write the PIN on the back of the card.
  • Do not enter your PIN more than twice when using an ATM, as your card may be blocked.
  • If you have lost or forgotten your card, please contact the call center immediately.
  • Call center contact information can be found on the back of your payment card.

C3Pay card notes

Regarding this card, the first thing to remember is that the C3Pay card is not a credit card, so there are no restrictions on using it to withdraw money.

You can use your C3Pay card to withdraw money at any supermarket, bank and ATM that accepts the card.

When you withdraw money, you will not be given a written statement. However, you can find out the details of your balance through the app.

If you need a printed statement, if you pay a certain commission and immediately deduct it from your account, it will be provided to you upon request.

Any disputes or claims on your card will only be accepted in writing and no later than 15 days after the incident.

The complaint notice must include information such as employee ID, your name, and card number.

Cardholders can report a lost or stolen PIN to the call center within 24 hours.

If the employer cancels C3Pay, C3Pay will charge a monthly fee of AED 20 for the remainder of the balance. If there is no balance on the payment card, it will be canceled immediately.

C3Pay can change the terms at any time, you can view them in the app.

Overall, the C3Pay card simplifies transactions for employers, cardholders, and more, providing users with a convenient and secure service.

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