Where to order flowers in the UAE

Where to order flowers in the UAE

If you want to name a product that can be used for decoration, gifts, and various therapies, the answer is flowers. Flowers are so popular that they play an important role in our lives.

All over the world there are different types and varieties of flowers. Depending on the type and its availability, the cost of flowers also varies. Although flowers such as lilies and hydrangeas only cost a few dollars, some flowers, such as saffron and Juliet’s rose, are too expensive.

We’ve rounded up the best online florists in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to help you pamper this special person anyway.

Bliss Dubai

This ultra-modern flower boutique is known for its high quality bouquets and chic packaging, making it the best choice for ordering flowers in the UAE. Partnering with Tom Dixon means you can buy twice as many gifts and order luxury candles at any time, or arrange bouquets according to their scent and scent.


We offer some of the most beautiful flowers we were lucky enough to order, bouquets at a reasonable price, and getting something from Florette is always a welcome gift.

Black Tulip

Since 1990, Black Tulip Flowers has been operating throughout the UAE – for 31 years now – and offers a wide variety of roses, lilies, orchids, tulips (of course), etc. Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman offer same day delivery services. You can shop for the occasion and even add extra gifts, including gourmet chocolates, macaroons, and teddy bears.

Blooming box

The Blooming Box luxury floral service was founded in 2018 and prides itself on its unique creations, including roses, tulips, hydrangeas, sunflowers, and lilies, all delivered in their iconic packaging. This local online flower shop also sells a variety of products, including cakes and other desserts, plants, scented candles and diffusers, and provides same day delivery in Dubai and next day delivery in other emirates.

800 colors

A fun and efficient flower shop that delivers the same day and is easy to order. Compared to some of its competitors, the choice of flowers available may be a little limited, but the most popular flowers and all the common additions are present. If you prefer to get involved in the art, there is also a shop in Dubai Marina.

Happy box

Happy Box is a Dubai-based service specializing in flower boxes and chocolate strawberries. Dubai promises to deliver within two hours. The wide range of gifts also includes fruits, gourmet gift baskets, bouquets, cookies, pastries, popcorn, signature snacks and high quality chocolates.

UAE flowers

Nobody wants to look cheap by sending flowers, but everyone wants to save one or two dirhams, so the frequent special offers and promotions of this online store will come in handy. Flower arrangement from AED 99 to AED 16,999 (note that these are 999 roses). Also look out for the variety of gift baskets, fruit arrangements and common combinations of chocolate, balloons and bears that can be used for additional items. This online flower shop operates throughout the UAE and provides an impressive same day delivery of selected bouquets within three hours.

Maison Des Fleurs

This luxury florist service prides itself on unique creativity in its iconic packaging. There are many options: flowers, longevity roses, orchids, sweets, and even artificial flowers.

Online flower shop

With just a few clicks, onlineflowershop.ae can deliver flowers, gifts and sweets throughout the UAE, as well as same day delivery services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, offering high quality flower arrangements and gifts for all occasions.

Floral shop.ae

This online flower shop has carefully selected predefined occasions, including anniversaries and excuses. You can also order additional gifts like teddy bears, cakes, chocolate strawberries and balloons and offer impressive discounts on same day shipping. Order flowers online or by phone to minimize hassle. Edible (and delicious) gifts like fruit bouquets and cookies cost less than AED 100 and there are many varieties.

Upscale and posh

It is not only one of the most famous companies in the UAE, but also one of the oldest flower shops in the city. Arranged for Paris Hilton and Celine Dion. The quality and creativity of the arrangements are unmatched. Bouquets start at AED 219 and Upscale and Posh also complete courier services within two hours in Dubai and Sharjah.

Flowers may seem expensive, but there are lots of factors that decide the price of a flower;

  • Care Requirements: Some flowers, such as marigolds, only need regular watering and sunlight to grow. But some flowers, like orchids, need more care because their petals and stems are so delicate. The more you take care of the flower, the more expensive it is.
  • Availability: Some flowers, such as kadupura flowers, only bloom at night. He disappeared before dawn. Picking these flowers is very difficult. For these reasons, the price of this flower is very high. Some varieties, such as the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, are grown artificially in the laboratory. It took almost 8 years to create this flower. Naturally, the cost of flowers is also very high.
  • Storage Requirements: Most colors can only work at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. Maintaining the temperature is especially important when you need to transport flowers that grow in cold climates, such as pansies, to countries with tropical climates. This again increases the cost of spending.
  • Transportation Cost: In a country like the UAE, most flowers are imported and the transportation cost is added to the cost of the flowers. This again increases the overall price.

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