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Air travel has become a necessity for many people. Some people like to explore new places, while others are engaged in commercial work. So more people are flying. During such regular travel, banks and financial institutions issue airline credit cards. At the same time, the owner will receive a travel reward, which can be used according to the terms and conditions.

...>What is Air Miles Credit?
An airline mileage credit card is a special kind of credit card. Cardholders can use this mileage card to accumulate mileage and pay the expenses with the expenditure on the card. 
These miles can be purchased in the form of discounts, such as vacation, car rental, and other expenses. Not only that, but they can also be used to book tickets and upgrade tickets. In short, Airline Mileage Cards provide rewards to credit cardholders who use credit cards.
Air Mile credit cards are issued jointly with certain airlines. In some cases, the cards can be issued independently. An important advantage of airline mileage cards is that the miles earned can be used for various airlines offering different destinations and dates.

Some banks offer signing bonuses / welcome bonuses to cardholders to invite a specific airline. Although, these credit cards also have disadvantages. Generally, cardholders must pay a higher annual fee for the use of air miles.

Benefits and Features of Air Miles Credit Cards
For frequent travelers, having an airline mileage credit card is like having special privileges. Throughout the journey, it offers a series of free offers. Airline credit card is specially designed for air passengers and has many useful functions and advantages. From lifestyle and development to visas and economic benefits, airline credit cardholders enjoy a variety of benefits. Here are a few benefits of having an Air miles Credit Cards;
You can earn Air Miles: Some credit cards with the highest mileage may provide higher reward points for airline-related transactions on the card. These high bonuses are used to cover various expenses, such as car rental, airfare, discounts on vacation packages, and other travel expenses.
Bonus:  Certain credit cards with the highest mileage may provide higher reward points for airline-related transactions on the card. These high rewards can be used to offset various expenses, such as car rental, ticket purchases, vacation package discounts, and other travel-related expenses.
Complimentary Access to Airport Lounges: It provides facilities for the free use of airport lounges. It allows cardholders to sit and relax in the airport lounge. The facilities provided by the Air Miles Rewards Card are very comfortable during flight delays. Having said that, only certain selected airport waiting rooms can be accessed. Airline mileage credit cardholders only need to display their cards in eligible airport lounges to use Internet facilities, modern conveniences, and refreshments provided in airport lounges.
Benefits:  Holders of airline miles reward cards can enjoy free golf service once a month. In addition, this function is applicable to the basic card and supplementary cardmembers. This service can be used on selected golf courses in the UAE. Some maximum flight mileage credit cards can provide features such as free travel insurance and “purchase protection”.
Enhanced Miles: What is more exciting than earning bonus points? Some of the best air miles credit cards can complete transactions on the card, thereby accelerating mileage.  Cardholders need to know a few miles of transactions in order to take advantage of all their benefits.
Movie Tickets: Some airline mileage credit card issuers will provide additional privileges, such as a movie ticket to purchase a movie ticket at VOX Cinemas in accordance with applicable terms and conditions. To take advantage of this opportunity, cardholders must book tickets through the official website of Vox Cinemas.

How to compare and find the best credit card for airline mileage?
There are many banks that offer airline mileage cards. Although it provides multiple options for account holders, it also leaves room for confusion. Account-holders should compare airline mileage credit cards and choose the best credit card that best suits their needs.
The best flight mileage credit card can save you a lot of money and find out how many miles to travel on your next trip. The parameters mentioned below can help to compare and find the best airline mileage credit card:
Reward value: The type of reward cardholders are eligible for depends on the number of points accumulated by the cardholder. For each cardholder, it is important to check how these rewards are calculated. This is useful when the account holder is applying for the best credit card for a few miles.
Free additional benefits: Credit cards of some airlines can be used for airport lounges, hotel discounts, etc. It provides additional benefits such as most of the additional benefits can be enjoyed if the cardholder uses these services.
Annual fee: Another important factor in choosing a flight mileage is the annual fee. The annual fee should be low. The fee is charged on the card. Cardholders will be charged a commission for the provision of exclusive services.
Promotional offers and features: In the first few months, some of the airline’s leading credit cards provided promotional offers to new cardholders. Operational points are of particular benefit to new cardholders. These advantages attach great importance to the airline's mileage map. Therefore, account holders should pay attention to promotional offers and opportunities.
Extra fees: Before choosing the best mileage card, be sure to check the other fees applicable to that particular mileage card (if any). In addition to additional fees, cardholders must also pay late fees and penalties for exceeding credit card limits.
Consider the point-earning rate: When choosing the best airline mileage credit card, it is important to check the point rate that will be earned on each reward. Certain expenses (such as international purchases or purchases during promotional periods) can reward different earning rates. In addition to this, some transactions will not provide any money-making points for cardholders. This is why it is very important to check the restrictions when choosing a “flight mileage” credit card.
Registration Bonus: Provides a registration bonus as a gift from the Air Credit Card Provider. The best air travel card encourages cardholders to take advantage of such benefits as free walking, discounts on air tickets and other travel-related benefits.

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Best Air Miles Credit Card in UAE

Credit Card Minimum Salary Rate
ADIB - Value Card 5,000 3.09%
Emirates Islamic - Flex Card 5,000 3.49%
Emirates Islamic - Emarati Credit Card 12,000 2.49%
Emirates Islamic - Skywards Infinite Credit Card 25,000 2.99%
Commercial Bank of Dubai - Visa Infinite Credit Card 20,000 3.45%
Emirates NBD - Titanium Credit Card 5,000 3.25%