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Travelers know how expensive it can be to carry travel expenses. From airline tickets to hotel reservations, travel costs can sometimes be quite high. Considering travel needs, some banks and financial institutions offer credit cards. People can choose something similar and save on travel expenses. Credit card travel rewards are very popular in the UAE because credit card issuer providers offer... these cards a series of special rewards and offers.

What are travel credit cards?
Travel credit cards can provide cardholders with many benefits. From offering signing bonuses to free use at airports, travel cards can offer a variety of benefits that meet your travel needs.
Annual Payment: Most credit card applicants are looking for travel cards that are not subject to an annual fee. Some tourist cards allow you to waive your annual fee. The holder may deny an annual fee for using a specified amount issued by a credit card provider at a specified time. 
Golf Advantages: Travel cardholders can also play free golf at selected UAE golf courses once a month.
Movie tickets: Most travel rewards credit card offers offer free movie tickets to buy one get one free on any day of the week.
Insurance for Travelling: Some travel credit card issuers provide cardholders with free travel accident insurance. In addition, they pay for damages caused by missed or delayed flights and lost luggage. 
Extra Cards: The cardholder can select additional unlimited cards for eligible family members. Additional cards do not charge any extra fees. Cardholders can set limits on the usage of each card.
Access to airport lounges: Some free airport lounges are available at many airports.  In case of a flight delay, the cardholder can sit down, relax, and eat.
Gifts:  Travel credit cards offer points as a registration reward or welcome gift. These bonus points can be further redeemed for domestic and international airline miles.

Eligibility requirements for applying for a travel credit card vary from bank to bank and card to card. The main criteria for obtaining travel documents are listed below:
The applicant should have a stable source of income.
Applicant should have a permanent address.
UAE applicants should have a UAE identity card. Foreigners need to provide other documents, such as residence permits or passports.
The applicant's age should be between 21 and 65 years old.

How to apply for a travel credit card in the UAE?
The credit card application process is very simple. Applicants can apply for a travel card offline or online as well.
Applicants must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria before applying for travel credit cards online. They can apply for a travel card without visiting the branch of the bank because it can be easily applied online. 
They can go to the official website of the listed bank and apply for a travel credit card that meets their needs. All that is required of them is to provide all the necessary information by clicking the “Apply” button on the online page. 
After the bank meets the eligibility criteria for the credit card application and their personal data, the applicant will receive a phone call from a travel credit card representative within 3-5 working days. They guide them through the next steps of the application process. They shall inform the applicant of the documents required to arrange a meeting to review the application and collect the documents. After successfully submitting all required documents, a credit card application will be developed within 7-10 business days.
For individuals who are not familiar with the online credit card application process, they can choose a travel card. They can directly visit bank branches and apply for the card of their choice. 
Bank agents will be guided by travel credit cards that meet their requirements and budget. After selecting the card, they will complete a travel credit card application, provide personal documents, proof of income, proof of address, etc. must provide such documents.

How to find a good travel credit card?
There is nothing better than to reduce the cost of travel transactions. The best travel credit cards provide rewards or miles that cardholders can purchase for travel (air tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations, etc.). There are many ways to choose the right travel credit card. The question is how to choose the best travel credit card?
Welcome bonus: Most travel credit card issuers offer exciting signing bonuses. When choosing the best travel card, the applicant must compare the signing bonus. Card opening rewards can help cardholders enjoy great discounts on airline tickets and hotel reservations.
Travel Insurance: Cardholders should choose a travel card that offers maximum travel protection, such as travel delays, loss or damage to checked luggage, travel cancellation and separation prevention, travel accident insurance, etc.
Annual fee: There is no doubt that compared with credit cards without annual fees, travel credit cards with annual fees can provide additional privileges and rewards. In addition, experts recommend comparing award prices and bonuses to ensure they are eligible for an annual fee.
Payment for foreign transactions: If the applicant often travels abroad, it is important to choose a card that does not charge for foreign transactions. 

All credit card providers offer exciting rewards and rewards cards. When choosing the right travel credit card, it is important to know how many miles you can earn per dirham. In addition, candidates should know the value of these miles.
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Best Travel Credit Card in UAE

Credit Card Minimum Salary Rate
Mashreq - Platinum Elite Credit Card 10,000 3.45%
Emirates Islamic - Flex Card 5,000 3.49%
Emirates Islamic - Emarati Credit Card 12,000 2.49%
Citibank - Emirates-Citibank Ultimate 18,000 3.25%
Emirates NBD - Titanium Credit Card 5,000 3.25%
ADIB - Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card 10,000 3.09%