Best Internet packages of Virgin mobile UAE

Virgin mobile UAE

The best internet package refers to the one with the most robust connectivity, speed, and data at the most affordable price. Many customers in Dubai and UAE find it complicated to examine or test the best internet packages. One of the most influential SIM networks in the UAE is “Virgin mobile” that provides its user with all of your desired package goals. We have made it easy for you to subscribe to the best internet packages of Virgin mobile Dubai and UAE. Follow the full blog to know the details.

3GB, 5GB, 10GB for 1 month:

Virgin mobile UAE brings you the best internet package for Dubai at affordable rates. Within one month, you can opt for any option that includes 3 GB, 5 GB, and 10GB.
The 3 GB package valid for one month includes +500 min in just AED 163 per a num. While the 5 GB and 10 GB offer lasting one month consist of 500 min each pricing up-to AED 141 per month and AED 209 monthly, respectively. Payment is applicable on a monthly (per month) basis.


This one month plan offers you auto-renewal and no contract! You can change the agreement anytime you feel unwanted or waste of money. Along with this, you have to bill monthly, which reduces your effort of subscribing now and then.

3GB, 5GB, 10GB for 6 month:

The 6-month tenure has 3 GB, 5 GB, and 10 GB internet packages. The Virgin mobile Dubai offers internet packages of 3 GB costing AED 114/month, 5 GB is offered in AED 141/month, and 10 GB data is available in AED 209/month. All the prices are billed up every six months.
The six months have some admirable featuring of auto-renewal, boost data and minutes, and 30% off on the amounts. This is better than the 1-month internet package of Virgin mobile in UAE.

3GB, 5GB, 10GB for 12 months:

1 year/12 months tenure serves the best internet packages for Virgin mobile UAE. The minimum 3GB is offered in just AED 81.50 per num. The 5 GB, mobile data package, is offered in AED 101 per month. Last but not least, your fingers might be tired, but your package still available; the 10 GB internet package is available in just AED 149.50 monthly.
This is the best package for the Dubai audience at a reasonable price and longer duration. Every customer might opt for this as the other offerings it gives, including yearly billing, auto-renewal of the package, boost–up data and minutes, and 50% off!

This time you’ll have to try the latest 12-month internet package offered by Virgin mobile UAE. Agreeing with the fact that Virgin mobile provides the best at its price, the mobiles are called Mobile virtual network operators because they make use of the existing infrastructure present in their rivals and have not issued their separate operating license.
Virgin mobile is licensed from the Virgin group and facilitate only a limited audience of the market that is younger and more into technology.

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