How to Transfer Credit From Etisalat to DU

The world is running in the modern technology era where every person works on digital equipment through various telecom services. These equipment and telecom services are making the life of human beings easy day by day. Through this digital equipment and telecom facilities, networking is spreading like waves and communication is becoming easier at the very moment. So in UAE, there are two Telecommunication companies that are providing the best services of telecommunication for UAE residents. so the amount can transfer or credit can transfer from Etisalat to DU in few minutes.

How to transfer the credit from Etisalat to du?

Now, both telecommunication companies are mutually providing the best of the best services to their customers. One of the great advantages that Etisalat and du provide is credit sharing among these two. Isn’t it too great? Now you can share credit without taking tension anymore. Just follow some steps and boom the credit has been transferred.

Together, the two telecommunications companies provide their customers with an excellent service of transferring balances from one network to another. Many of them don’t know they can share their balance with friends or family members even if they belong to a different network, it’s just a matter of texting.s

There are two days to transfer the balance

First Way:

Dial * 121 # and follow the instructions.

Second Way:

Step 1:    

 You have to dial in the format: *121*055(mobile number)*(transfer amount) # and then click on send.

For Example: The amount need to send AED 15 to any prepaid mobile number to be +971501234567

So the code will be 1210501234567*15#

 Congratulations your credit has been sent.

Step 2:

Dial *121# and follow the instructions.

Du is giving Etisalat a big challenge right now and Etisalat doesn’t lose its subscribers, To transfer credit from Etisalat to DU. Etisalat introduces the service with the name of “Etisalat wallet” which helps users to pay the bill and transfer the amount to different other services.

Terms before transferring the amount:

  1. Must have the amount of balance to share with your friends and family.
  2. The charges of 0.5% of the total balance transfer will apply.
  3. Max 25 person you can share the balance per day
  4. Min 2 AED to 200 AED amount can be transfer
  5. Once the amount is transferred it non-revertable.

Amount sending anywhere in the world using Etisalat

You can now also send the balance to any country by using the country code. Just send SMS to 1700.

  • Example: Sending amount to India which country code is +91 and the number is 91112233445. So all you need to send the amount by using SMS to +91112233445 to 1700 in SMS
  • Once the SMS sends you will recieve the detailed instruction from Etisalat; follow the instruction which helps to send the amount to your family and friend in AED. The amount will always recieve in the local currency to which the amount will send.

Introduction to Etisalat?

Etisalat is one of the fastest-growing telecommunications groups in the world, with 35 years of telecommunications experience. Etisalat is headquartered in the UAE.

Etisalat operates in 18 countries/regions in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The business covers 1/3 of the world’s population, has nearly 1 billion customers, and has a customer base of more than 160 million. In 2011, revenue increased to 8.7 billion US dollars. It has 80,000 sales outlets in 18 countries/regions and more than 53,000 employees.

Middle East: Operations in the United Arab Emirates, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Its largest 4g network is located in the Middle East and was rated as the most innovative company in 2011.

United Arab Emirates (UAE): one of the first countries in the world to introduce 3DTV, and the first country in the region to provide hosted content services with more than 650 roaming agreements worldwide. Abu Dhabi is the world’s first fully fiber-optic capital. The official partner of the football club Manchester City. Saudi Arabia: Mena (Mena) is the first operator to launch TD-LTE Mobily. Its 3.75G covers 94% of the densely populated areas. It is also the first company to launch Blackberry and Apple iPhone 3G through 420 roaming agreements.

Introduction to DU:

Du is one of the most vivacious telecommunication service providers. In the telecommunication field, the du company has won multiple awards for providing the best telecommunication services. It is indeed serving the people of the UAE through its very own and flexible services. Du has a perfect flag in the area of telecommunication but it provides the best digital gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. It was all started in 2007, and now the du company has carters over 100,000 UAE businesses. In the upcoming years, the du has launched the realization vision which steps the Dubai one step forward. The project is launching Dubai as the Smart World. A most important part of du is that it is 40% owned by the Emirates Investment Authority.

Du is one of the most active telecommunications service providers. In the field of telecommunications, du has won several awards for providing the best telecommunications services. It serves UAE residents through their own flexible services. Du is central to telecommunications but provides the best digital products, such as mobile phones and tablets.

It all started in 2007, and now this company has more than 100,000 merchants from the UAE. Over the next few years, du launched its implementation vision, taking Dubai a step further. The project launches Dubai as a “smart world”. The most important part of du is that it owns 40% of the UAE’s investment administration.

The world operates in the era of modern technology, and everyone works on digital devices using various telecommunication services. These devices and telecommunications services make life easier for people. Thanks to these digital devices and communications, the network is spreading in waves and communication is now easier.

Therefore, in the UAE, two telecommunications companies provide the best telecommunication services for UAE citizens. These companies are not Etisalat, but du. Mr. Du is currently facing a huge challenge for Etisalat, and Etisalat will not lose its subscribers. He will transfer the loan from Etisalat to DU. Etisalat has launched a service called Etisalat Wallet, which helps users pay bills and transfer amounts to other services.


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