What are the benefits of HR software?

Employees are an important asset of a company. They are the major key to remaining productive and further growth. For this reason, HR is becoming a high-priority issue in the affairs of companies. HR managers are doing a great job trying to find professional employees and taking care of existing valuable staff. However, HR teams work with large volumes of documents and face numerous problems that can stall their work. That’s why there are software programs for HR that help streamline and facilitate HR activities. Find out how they can help and their major benefits in this article.

Why should you use HR software?

The HR department handles hiring and firing. They are responsible for all liability regarding every employee in the company. This is necessary for the internal order of the organization. The finance department needs it to plan the budget for the future. Also, federal audits must ensure that you conduct your business under UAE law.

On the shoulders of the HR Specialist also rests:

  • Maintaining high employee output;
  • Maintaining employee training and meeting all requirements;
  • Solving various incidents between employees and employers;
  • Accurate calculation of payroll, bonuses, vacation, sick leave, etc. The HR team must make sure the company pays everything on time;
  • Providing a help point for any inquiries and problems related to employment.

HR software allows you to organize your data in one centralized location and simplify many work processes. This will enable you to create a more efficient management process and contribute to the company’s growth. Today, there is a wide variety of HR and payroll software on the market. However, choices of many leading companies  in the UAE fall on FirstBit ERP for an extensive improvement of HR processes.

Key features of HR software

HR software can make the life of the entire company much easier. They set up all the employment processes and organize the system’s accountability. It can be as stand-alone software or a part of an ERP system, like in the case of FirstBit ERP. Below you will learn what are the basic features of ERP for HR:

  • Full digitalization and unlimited access to the information database at any time. The program provides a centralized space to work with personnel management data from any device and location;
  • System for payroll – it simplifies the issuing of salaries. The payroll regulation process becomes much more flexible. You can easily change schedules and payroll, as well as track employee hours and more;
  • Employee self-service – Employees can log in, review schedules, send requests and edit their personal information;
  • Benefits Management System – contains broad benefits information that answers common employee questions;
  • Hiring and onboarding process features – automate and categorize the application process. Fill employee files with necessary information once a position is filled;
  • Timesheets and attendance– regardless of the mode of your employees (offline or online), you’ll always be aware of their attendance.

These key features of HR management software benefit the performance of the HR department. Below, we will highlight the major advantages of using HR software.

Increase productivity and save time

Human resources programs make it much easier to gather and manage information. This makes it possible to decide faster and improve the company’s employees’ overall productivity. Thanks to digitized processes and automation features, many operations can be solved at the touch of a button. In addition, employees can search for information of interest in the program space independently. At the same time, HR managers can devote more time to work with serious and long-term goals.

An obscene amount of time companies spend on calculating employee payroll. HR programs streamline this process. It speeds up payroll calculations and reduces the number of likely errors.

An additional plus is the mobility of the program. Company employees can use it from any device and location.

Increasing employee engagement

The well-known website Statista published statistics on employee engagement for 2020. It shows that only 36% of employees were engaged. Moreover, in the last two years, that engagement is still declining. We can attribute this to many factors. One of them is employee engagement quality. HR software has the necessary tools to increase employee engagement. For example, the HR team can arrange regular surveys to find employees’ opinions on a particular issue. This way, they’ll create more comfortable working conditions. Gamification features also allow you to engage employees in a simple and fun way.

Saving money

Managing payroll costs is extremely important for businesses. All because payroll, gratuities, leave allowances, and other benefits are the principal causes of company expenses. Human resource management programs provide several ways to save money while not infringing on employees’ rights.

Attendance Monitoring

It’s not a rare case for companies to experience fraud among employees. They may be late from lunch breaks or cover for each other in case of delay. As a result, company productivity suffers, and costs are unfairly increasing. Employees did not work the specified hours but got paid for it. HR programs provide integration with an attendance system that allows you to identify employees’ arrival and leaving. This approach offers an extra layer of security by requiring managers’ approval.

Enhanced security

The HR management process can only do with additional security. For example, FirstBit uses a payroll security system for e-transfers that comply with Dubai Labor Law. In addition, HR programs provide solutions that enable them to deal with phishing threats and data breaches. Finally, HR teams have a role-based access feature. It protects sensitive employee data from unauthorized access.

Metrics Access

The company’s access to performance metrics and analytics is critical. This information contributes to effective employee cost and compliance risk management. The HR management system provides access to this information. As a result, managers can forecast employee turnover and determine future workforce plans.

Simplified Benefits Management

Benefits management is a major concern for companies, even small ones. Companies spend a lot of resources on the following:

  • The cost of health insurance.
  • Visa fees.
  • Ever-changing government regulations.
  • The constant need for paperwork.

Human resources programs automate the calculation of benefits eligibility. It also gives employees the freedom to make choices about their insurance coverage. This info is integrated with the payroll to make sure the amount deducted from an employee’s paycheck is accurate.

Improved decision-making

Since HR programs take over most administrative issues, the HR department can focus on more serious problems. For example, an important point in hiring new employees is:

  • The training and onboarding system for new hires.
  • Retaining existing talent.
  • Improving team skills and engagement.

So what if managers are not bogged down in endless compliance efforts and fiddling with re-documentation? In that case, they will have more time to develop effective strategies to address the issues above.


Thus, HR software opens a new breath for the HR department and takes over all the routine work. With their help, you will provide your company with up-to-date data and optimized employment processes. Even though the duty to improve productivity depends on the mastery of human resource management, HR & payroll module of FirstBit ERP software is a perfect tool to help them out.

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