NBAD Ratibi Prepaid Card Review

NBAD Bank Salary Card Balance Check

The Abu Dhabi National Banks, which is now known as First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), offers a variety of prepaid cards.

Here is the list of NBAD prepaid cards is as follows:

  1. Red eDirham Prepaid Card
  2. Green eDirham Prepaid Card

Blue eDirham Prepaid Card

  1. Silver eDirham Prepaid Card
  2. eDirham Gold Card
  3. Latibi Prepaid Card eDirham prepaid cards are in red, blue, green, silver, and gold are issued in cooperation with the Treasury of UAE. These cards can be used in ministries and federal offices in the United Arab Emirates. You do not need a bank account on the FAB to apply for these cards.


The National Bank of Abu Dhabi, in the year 2008, launched Ratibi, an innovative payroll solution that helps companies pay employees quickly and economically. Designed by FAB (formerly NBAD), Ratibi aims to provide companies with an alternative to traditional checks and cash payments. It gives organizations greater control over payroll processing and offers employees access to global ATM and POS

transactions. It also eliminates the need to open a bank account and maintain a minimum balance, which makes it a viable option for employees with annual salaries not exceeding AED 5,000. By initiating monthly transfers, the company can load salary directly into the Ratibi card for all employees. The main features of the National Bank Of Abu Dhabi Ratibi Prepaid Cards are:

  1. Employees do not have to maintain any minimum balance
  2. Unlimited access to huge ATM and CDM networks
  3. The card comes with free personal accident insurance


The FAB has some eligibility criteria for employers and employees to use Ratibi services. The employers must have a corporate account with First Abu Dhabi Bank. Ratibi prepaid cards are only issued to UAE residents. To qualify, employees need to provide complete KYC documents

Policies and procedures

In addition to holding a corporate account to issue a Ratibi card, the employer will be the only point of contact between the employee and the bank. Employers are responsible for training employees in the use and use of cards. This is crucial because most low-income workers have no experience using modern banking facilities. ATMs may confiscate cards for several reasons. In this case, the Ratibi card will be destroyed by the beneficiary bank. The employer must apply for a replacement card.

Features and benefits

The Ratibi system benefits both employers and employees. One of NBAD’s initiatives is to make banking easier for customers by providing electronic banking solutions. Here are the main features and advantages of Ratibi:

For employees:

  1. No need to maintain bank accounts [no minimum balance requirements or any incidentals].
  2. Eliminates delays in salary (including delays in check settlement or processing)
  3. Automated processes ensure maximum processing efficiency
  4. No need to carry cash
  5. Simple and secure way to get paid
  6. Balance can be checked online easily
  7. You can receive an alert when your salary is credited for free
  8. Access to VISA / MasterCard global network
  9. Can be used for cash withdrawal [on ATMs] and online and offline shopping [EFTPOS]
  10. 24-hour support through call centers to resolve queries
  11. You can access the FAB ATM and choose your identification number [PIN]
  12. Fully compliant with guidelines established by the UAE Wage Protection System [WPS] Free accident insurance. If you die or become permanently disabled due to an accident, you are eligible for five times your monthly salary (up to AED 25,000).
  13. You can take advantage of a daily cash benefit of AED 50 (up to 30 days / AED 1500) to cover the cost of hospitalization due to an accident.
  14. The minimum time is 24 hours. In the event of death, the costs involved in returning your body can be refunded up to AED 5,000.

For employers:

  1. The simple and convenient pay system
  2. Manage all your Ratibi cards for your employees online
  3. Can also meet the company’s requirements for salary processing
  4. Use online banking services to transfer salary from your company account to individual
  5. Ratibi cards in a safe Efficient and automated facility with a dedicated team of professionals to assist you with your inquiries (if any) 
  6. One bank transfer to loan salaries to all employees holding a Ratibi prepaid card Eliminates the risks involved in handling cash.
  7. Pay your wages in your local currency, significantly reducing costs Provide non-WPS payroll processing.
  8. You can send batch files using payment instructions in your company account through FAB’s secure electronic channel.

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