A complete guide about How to Apply for a Job in Dubai Police

Do you love facing difficulties and helping people in society? Do you want to play a significant role in shaping society? If yes, there will be no better career for you than going into Dubai police.

Many people have a strong passion for going into the Dubai police. Some people like the hard endeavors police officers undertake. Others love the handsome salary package and perks the police officers in Dubai receive. There has always been a craze among people for pursuing a police career. After all, police officers are the heroes of society. They save people and serve humanity. 

Whatever the reason for applying to the Dubai Police, you must know how to apply. Here is a complete guide about how to apply for a Job in Dubai Police. 

How to apply for a Job in Dubai Police? 

Applying for a job in the Dubai Police is simple. Open their online portal, which is the website of Dubai Police Careers. Go into the employment section to find the employment opportunities they are currently offering. 

Follow the application procedure, submit the required documents, and you will ultimately succeed in applying for the job in the Dubai Police. Make sure to enter the correct information and upload the authentic scanned documents so that your application will not be ignored. 

Another method is to visit the police station, where they physically receive the application. If you are not comfortable with filling out the form online, you can go to the police station and physically fill out your application form. They will provide you with complete guidance. 

What will be the recruitment process of the Dubai Police after application?

Once you have completed your application, you will have to pass many tests. These include oral, written, physical, and medical tests. Once you successfully pass these tests, you will be forwarded to the training sessions at the Dubai Police Academy. Here you will get basic police officer training. 

After the training, you will again have to pass assignments to secure a job in the Dubai Police. 

What are the Requirements for Dubai Police Officers?

If you want to become a Dubai Police officer, check whether you are eligible or not. Following are the requirements that you need to fulfill for becoming a Dubai Police Officer.

  • You are mentally fit so that you can carry out the duties.
  • Medium built
  • If you are a male, your height should be at least 5 feet 8 inches. For females, this minimum height limit is 5 feet 5 inches.
  • You should have an equivalent diploma or degree.
  • You should write, speak, and read Arabic fluently.

If you meet this criterion, you can apply for the vacancy of Dubai police officer. If not, you can go for the other jobs in Dubai Police that are related to technical departments.

Can a foreign national apply for a job in Dubai Police?

85% of the Dubai population is foreign. Can a foreign national apply for a job in the Dubai Police? Well, the answer is Yes! But you can apply only for the community officer job or the technical job. 

Community officers differ from a regular police officers because they don’t have any right to investigate and arrest. However, they provide their full support to the local police officers in different scenarios.

Foreigners are eligible for Dubai Police jobs that are in support units. The operational units of Dubai Police don’t hire foreigners. You can apply as IT and computer engineers, forensic medical specialists, or specialist medical doctors.  

 However, these jobs require extremely qualified individuals. It means you need to be highly qualified for securing a job in Dubai Police technical department.


If you are a UAE national, you can apply for whatever role in the Dubai Police depends on your preference. If you are a foreigner, you still have a lot of career opportunities to grab in Dubai Police. But you need to be highly skilled and qualified to get the job in Dubai Police. 

The application process is super simple. The online portal will guide you through everything. Opportunities are there to be grabbed and not missed. So go, apply, and get ready to grab yours. Best of luck with your career! 

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