Noor bank credit card review

Living in the UAE, you have many options for banks to get a credit card from. Different banks offer different benefits with different types of credit cards. One of the most prestigious Islamic banks in the UAE is Noor Bank. Established in 2008 in Dubai, it was previously known as Noor Islamic Bank. This bank is in complete compliance with Islamic sharia. Noor Bank provides offers, services, and products in accordance with the needs and demands of its customers.

Noor Bank has a range of credit cards with different benefits. If you are looking for a credit card, we are here to share a detailed article with all the options for the credit cards provided by Noor Bank. 

Let us dive into the details!

Types of Credit cards 

Depending upon your needs, you can choose a Noor Bank credit card from the list of cards they offer. Whether you are a traveler or a shopaholic, Noor Bank has credit cards for you. Below is the list of credit cards offered by Noor Bank. 

  • Noor bank rewards platinum credit card
  • Noor bank reward titanium credit card
  • Noor bank wafa credit card
  • Noor bank srilankan credit card 
  • Noor bank wealth world credit card
  • Noor bank rewards world credit cards.

All of these cards come with different features and benefits. Some have

Travel benefits

Few credit cards by Noor Bank specially offer great travel benefits. If you love to explore the world, you should get a Noor Bank credit card. Services of air miles, access to airport lounges, airport chauffeur, and valet parking are some of the key benefits of getting travel credit cards from Noor Bank.

For example, they have a Noor Bank Srilankan credit card that gives you 10,000 bonus Airmiles if you travel by Srilankan airlines. They give you FlySmiles silver tier privileges on every 1 dollar you spend. Moreover, you get unlimited access to airport lounges all over the Middle East. You can also select any two airport lounges worldwide to visit while on your international travels. You are eligible to apply for this credit card with a minimum salary of AED 8000.

This is a great option for those willing to travel with comfort and benefits. 

Cashback credit benefits

If you are a person who buys a lot, Noor Bank has got many credit cards with awesome cashback offers. 

Noor bank rewards platinum credit card offers 1.5% cash back on local spending and 2% cashback on international spending. It also offers complimentary international calls and unlimited access to 25 regional and international airport lounges. It also provides more than 900 buy-1 get-1 free offers on dining and hotel nights. Free visits to selected gyms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are also provided with this card. the eligibility criteria are at least AED 8000 salary. 

The next option in line for a cashback credit card by Noor Bank is the titanium credit card. No annual fee and 2% cashback on international spending are some advantages of getting this card. It also brings 1% cashback on local spending and access to selected airport lounges in Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Isn’t it too much for a credit card, right?

The next option is the Noor Bank Wafa Credit card. The minimum salary requirement is the same as others, AED 8000. The key benefit of this card is heavy cashback on shopping from Aswaaq stores. You can earn up to 11% of cashback for spending at Aswaaq. It also gives you credit shield protection and 10,000 bonus miles on traveling through Srilankan airlines. 

If you want to gain unlimited cashback from your credit card, choose anyone of the above cards from the Noor bank. 

Lifestyle benefits 

Noor Bank reward world credit card is a premium credit card with zero annual fees and many lifestyle benefits. It offers you travel insurance, airport lounge access, airport chauffeur services, valet parking, and free air miles. Not only these, but you also get offers on dining and hotels, health and fitness, and golf courses. 

To get this credit card, your minimum salary should be AED 30,000. They apply an interest rate of 3.25 % on this card. 

Another option to attain somewhat similar benefits is the wealth world credit card of Noor Bank. It has the same eligibility criteria and zero annual fees. 

No doubt, these card offers the best lifestyle deals in UAE. 


Noor Bank offers a range of credit cards for every type of person or business requirement. They have travel benefits, fitness offers, dining and hotel deals, and even access to airport lounges. They provide cashback facilities and zero annual fees on some credit cards too. But the interest rate of 3.25% applies to all credit cards. you can choose the card that suits your requirements the most.

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