How to join emirates airline as an air hostess

Do you love loving around and meeting new people every day? Do you want to learn a new culture and speak a minimum of two languages? Do you have an experience in customer service? If your mind says yes to all these questions, you are born to serve the emirates airline as an air hostess. 

When it comes to achieving career goals, you look for the best guidance. Right? So here comes the complete guide about how to join Emirates Airlines as an air hostess.

Check your eligibility to join emirates airlines as an air hostess 

The first and most vital step of your application is to check yourself for eligibility. Do you meet the eligibility criteria? Here is the checklist for you to consider.

  • You should be at least 21 years old at the time of starting your application
  • You should have 212 cm of minimum arm reach. This is to ensure that you can easily access the emergency equipment in all types of aircraft.
  • You have passed high school.
  • Your medical fitness can pass the aircrew medical screening.
  • You can fluently speak and write English. If you have a strong command additionally on another language, it’s a plus.
  • If you have an experience in the hospitality or service industry, it’s also a plus. 
  • You can work in a team environment.

Open the website and submit your application

Congratulations if you find yourself meeting the eligibility criteria. It’s now time to start your application. The first step is of course to visit the career website of the emirates group. The web page will provide you with all the necessary information. 

Click “register” and the link will take you directly to the online application form. 

Fill out the application form. Although it will take a lot of your time, great things take time and effort. Keep the window open until you submit the form.

Check the confirmation email

Make sure that you receive a confirmation email after submitting your application form. The email will contain a reference number and a password as well.

Invitation for the Assessment Day/ Open Day

If your application passes this first step, and they decide to consider you for the role of air hostess, you will receive an invitation to the assessment day. It will be held in a hotel with a conference room nearest to your address. All the details about the time, date, and address will be mentioned in the invite.

Documents required on Assessment Day

The following documents will be required on Assessment Day. make sure to bring them.

  • Updated Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Six passport-sized photographs
  • Two full-sized photographs in business attire
  • Two casual full-body photographs
  • A copy of your passport
  • Copies of your school certificates

Assessment Day begins

When you will be there on assessment day, they will gather all your documents in a conference room. Then you will be called into the conference room where your interview will take place. The recruitment officer will ask you questions related to your CV and in general as well.

And you know, the interview is all about being confident and correct. So make sure to answer the recruitment officer confidently without shivering.

Take the required tests 

The recruitment officer will then call you to take a personality test that will sum up your personality. Next comes the English test which is to assess your English skills. 

If you pass the above tests, you will then be forwarded to the group discussion screening. Here they will give you a topic to discuss in groups to judge your skills.

Final Interview Call

If the group test is clear, you will be called for the final interview. And here the assessment day is over. You will receive an email or a phone call informing you of the results.

Medical Test

Now you will have to pass the medical test. Submit the medical certificate the emirates require, and you will receive a final success call in case you pass the medical test. It will be the final stage after which you will be part of the Emirates airline as an air hostess by submitting the final documents.


It was all about how to join the emirates as an air hostess. Hope it was informative for you!

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