How to Recharge Balance on Etisalat and DU?

In today’s world, mobile phones are the must-have for everyone. The cellphones should always be topped up with the balance. In UAE the two most renowned network service providers are DU and Etisalat. In this blog, we will shed some light on How to recharge the mobile phone balance of your Etisalat and DU mobile. Find all methods and instructions in our guide.

How to recharge balance on Etisalat?

Etisalat is one of the best network providers in the UAE. Etisalat gives you various methods to recharge balance on your phone. Here is a list of the methods to recharge your balance in Etisalat. it helps to easy charge and get best Etisalat Postpaid Packages

  1. My Etisalat UAE app
  2. Quick Recharge
  3. Etisalat Online Services and Credit Transfers
  4. Recharge Cards, and eVouchers

Let’s go a little deeper into these methods and see how each one is different.

1- My Etisalat UAE App

My Etisalat UAE app is one of the most feasible ways to recharge your account. You can keep a track of all your billings and payments too. Isn’t that a great idea?

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2- Quick Recharge How to Recharge Balance on Etisalat and DU?

Log on to quick pay to recharge your prepaid account easily. It is quick and secure. Enter your contact number, the amount, and you can pay using your credit or debit card online.

3- Etisalat Online Services and Credit Transfers

With the services, you can easily recharge the account through online payment or if you are out of money, no issues. You can always ask your, friends and family, to transfer credit to your account.

4- Recharge Cards, and eVouchers

Just like every other mobile network, buy an Etisalat recharge card or eVoucher. You can get one from any outlet or an Etisalat business partner near you. To recharge your phone, simply dial *120*(card number)#.

How to recharge balance on DU?

DU is again, a known name all over the planet. If you have a DU network for your phone, you get a ton of ways to recharge your account. Here is a list of all that you can do to tip up the recharge on your DU;

  1. Online Quick Recharge
  2. My Account and Auto Recharge
  3. DU Application
  4. Banks
  5. Scratch Cars/Easy Top-up/eVouchers
  6. Payment Machines

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1- Credit Transfers

These the all the ways that can help you recharge your DU account. What are these methods exactly? No worries, here’s a proper guide.

2- Online Quick Recharge

This is one of the most feasible options if you have wifi around. Just go to the DU website. And from there you can put in your number and amount, and pay through the credit or debit card.

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3- My Account and Auto Recharge

With this option, you can not only recharge but also renew your ID documents, check your daily usage, pay bills, track payments, top-up your prepaid and much more.

4- DU Application

DU Application is again a very easy way to recharge your account and works with the same credentials as of My Account on the website. However, you get a lot more options with the application.

5- Scratch Cars/Easy Top-up/eVouchers

In DU, you get a range of eVouchers and scratch cards. Recharge options are from AED 25 to AED 525 depending on your needs and Du packages.

6- Payment Machines

The stores in the UAE have machines to get you a phone recharge. There are almost 92 stores all over the place. You can find the store in your area and recharge your account with payment machines.

7- Credit Transfers

Last but not least is the credit transfer. This service allows you to transfer credit from your mobile to any other prepaid subscriber anywhere, anytime.

So, these were all the options you get to recharge balance on your DU or Etisalat mobile numbers.

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