Roshan Diamonds LLC

The Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based Roshan Diamonds LLC. is categorized under Diamond Jewellers. You can find out all the details here, including the location, address, PO Box, services, and several other details. Roshan Diamonds LLC well-known company based in Dubai that offers Diamond Jewellers Following are the contact information at phone number Tel: +971 4 2350320 and P.O.Box: 29095, Dubai which is located at Al Sabkha, Deira, Dubai, respectively. Check out the positions offered by Roshan Diamonds LLC in Dubai 2024.

City: Dubai
Location: Al Sabkha, Deira, Dubai
Number: Tel: +971 4 2350320 Fax: N/A
PoBox: P.O.Box: 29095, Dubai

Questions and Discussions for Roshan Diamonds LLC

Whats the Roshan Diamonds LLC phone number?
The phone number of Roshan Diamonds LLC is Tel: +971 4 2350320

Whats the office location of Roshan Diamonds LLC?
The office location of Roshan Diamonds LLC is Al Sabkha, Deira, Dubai P.O.Box: 29095, Dubai

What category is Roshan Diamonds LLC?
Roshan Diamonds LLC comes in industry Diamond Jewellers

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