Noon vs Where to buy?

Noon announced a strategic partnership with the US-based online selling platform, eBay. This news came a year after Amazon acquired Souq for a whopping 580 million dollars. The agreement got into effect from the latter half of 2018, and the potential is enormous as now people in UAE and Saudi Arabia will be able to buy eBay products directly from Noon.

Noon has had a rough time in launching its services and getting everything as planned, but analysts say that the customer services offered from Noon are better than and Noon might capitalize based on the customer experience that it offers. Noon did lack some variety, but the eBay partnership seems to have changed that.

E-commerce is a lucrative place now and is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2020, according to GCC. It is, therefore, no surprise that many vital organizations and people in business are jumping on the bandwagon and exploring E-commerce.

However, the question we aim to address is that in the presence of two extremely competitive players, which one should you go for; Noon or

Many bloggers have actively shared their experience of buying through both the platforms, and we’ll share our findings to help you pick the right site.

What is the best eCommerce ? for this there are certain key parameters are always the variety being offered on the site, availability of items of your choice, the ordering process, the paying process, and the delivery.

Points to consider Vs

  1. Search results: Based on customer reviews, we found that Noon offered more relevant searches and is generally more efficient in helping you find the product you’re looking for.
  2. User interface: Noon wins in this arena as well as the user interface is pretty simple to understand and get used to, whereas Souq does not seem to be too user-friendly as far as the android application is concerned.
  3. Ordering and paying: Both platforms seem to be quite well in this aspect except that Souq has a slight edge to it as it offers a quick checkout option. The home address and address details are stored on both platforms to facilitate the next time you order anything.
  4. Delivery: The delivery personnel from Noon is extremely professional, and also, keen attention is given to the packaging and overall outlook of the product being delivered, customers are notified in advance via a call that the delivery man is on his way. The delivery time taken by Noon is also quite lesser than’s package delivery doesn’t always have an invoice inside, and there isn’t much attention to detail given in the delivery process.
  5. Time for the entire process: Noon seems to have developed its network, and item delivery is speedy compared to

The consensus is, therefore, that Noon has better service than However, this might change afterward as Noon is just beginning to settle in the region, whereas has been here for a while now. 

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  1. Amazon for tons of reasons :
    Better customer service
    Better prices
    Easier to return products if faulty
    Faster delivery time with prime. And if they miss delivery they make up for it
    More realiable sellers
    Access to US items with prime free shipping

    Amzon made souq a better platform and I am they happy they bought it

    Noon on the other hand has faster standard delivery but otherwise the total opposite of the above mentioned points . They still host tons of fake and unreliable sellers . They cancel your orders and keep the money in their wallet not back to your credit card . They play any trick in the book to get your cash .
    On last my last order during black friday I ordered a discounted item that was never delivered. I recieved a cancel message that not available with other sellers (which was not true. The price just went up and they don’t want to bare the cost)

    I have used Amazon over the last few months buying phones, tablets, accessories, perfumes, etc . I never had an issue. Yet on the other hand one single order from noon that was partially delivered/canceled. What an irony. Lol

    I will use the left over credit on my wallet and delete their app ?

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