How to check Emirates ID status?

How to get an Emirates Identification card?

Emirates ID is a necessity when you are living in the UAE. This document is needed while buying a car, renting an apartment, and applying for government services. Getting an emirates ID and keeping track of its validity is very important. 

If you are new in UAE and want to get details about Emirates ID and how to check its status, you are at the right place. 

How to check the status of your Emirates ID?

Have you applied for the emirates ID and waiting for it?

You can track your emirates ID online without any need to visit the Federal authority of identity and Citizenship office again and again.

Follow the steps below and keep a record of your emirates ID.

Visit the website

  1. Visit the website of the federal authority of identity and citizenship (FAIC).
  2. Click on the option of ‘Application status’ in the segmented menu bar on the right side of the page.
  3. Enter the application number or ID number (in case of renewal) and you will get the current status of your Emirates ID. 

It is convenient to keep track of your emirates ID using the FAIC website. 

What is an Emirates ID?

Emirates ID is a document held by every UAE citizen. You can apply for an Emirates ID only after the resident visa is stamped on your passport. As long as the resident visa is valid you can possess the emirates ID. Emirates ID is required for every other purpose.

  1. Getting a driver’s license
  2. Crossing the e-gates at UAE airports
  3. Renting an apartment
  4. Buying an automobile

How to apply for an Emirates ID?

Let’s take a quick look at how to get an Emirates ID. The procedure is simple. You have to go through three simple steps, and you are ready to apply for an Emirates ID.

  1. Get an entry permit. Usually, the company that hires you, issues an entry permit. 
  2. Secondly, you get a medical check-up done. This check-up needs to be done within 60 days of getting the entry permit. 
  3. Visit the office of Federal authority and Citizenship once you have the medical certificate. You can apply for an emirates ID. They will take your fingerprints and retina scan and you’re done with the application. 

Call the helpline

However, if you want to get the details about your emirates ID status, you can simply call the helpline number 600 522222 and they will guide you about the status of your emirates ID. 

Emirates ID cost 

Emirates ID comes with a different validity period. The cost of an emirates ID is mostly included in the charges of a resident visa. Depending upon the visa validity, the charges may vary.

One-year validity: The cost of an emirates ID for one-year validity is AED 170. 

Two years validity: 270AED is the cost of two-year validity. 

Three years validity: if you have a resident visa in UAE for three years, you will have to pay AED 370. 

Renewal of the expired or lost emirates ID 

Renewal: The emirates ID has an expiry date which is usually the expiry date of your resident visa. The UAE authorities give 30 days’ relief after the expiry date of the emirates ID. It is better to apply for a renewal of the Emirates ID within these 30 days otherwise you will have to pay extra charges as per delay. 

Lost emirates ID: In case you have lost your emirates ID, immediately report the incident to the nearest ICP customer happiness center. Take your documents along to prove your identity so that the lost card can be blocked. You can further apply for the replacement of your emirates ID by filing an application form and paying the fee. To keep up with the status of your emirates ID, you can visit the FIAC website. 


Emirates ID is a compulsion when you get a resident visa for UAE. Either you have applied for the new emirates ID or you want to check the validity status of the existing one, visit the website of the federal authority of identification and citizenship in UAE to get the details. 

Hope this article informed you about what you were looking for!

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