How to check RTA fines in UAE

How to check RTA fines in UAE

As soon as a driver violates UAE traffic rules, the RTA fine will be immediately updated on their license plate/license plate. The penalties are notified to the owner via text message. You can check RTA traffic fines online in the UAE. Specific criminals who only drive under the influence, cause significant accidents, etc. are required to visit RTA departments in particular regions.

RTA fine inspection

As mentioned earlier, the traffic camera captures the license plate and sends an SMS to the phone number registered on the license plate. Violators can visit the RTA website to check for violating traffic rules and the costs involved. Make sure you have the traffic file number, the date of birth of the vehicle license holder, and the GCC debit/credit card.

Steps to check RTA Fine:

  1. Visit the RTA website which is
  2. Go to the “Driver and Car owner” tab and click on it.
  3. Go to the “Fines” tab, then click on “Pay Dubai traffic fines.”
  4. Click on the “Start” and enter the required details.
  5. After giving the details, you can pass the fine added to the driver’s license
  6. You can view the fines you must pay
  7. RTA portal provides the time and date of the incident and traffic rules violated

RTA fine Payment

Once the RTA fine inquiry is completed, the offender can clear the fees online. After making a detailed inquiry, click “Continue,” and you will be directed to the payment gateway. Select a payment method and proceed accordingly. After clearing the fees, you can download the online receipt for future reference. If more than one fine is to be made, you can search for the penalty and select the fine you want to remove first and continue with the payment. Other options for paying RTA fines.

More options

In addition to paying RTA fines on its official website, there are other options, such as

Fees can be cleared on the Dubai Police app, and if the penalty is more than AED 500, payments can be made with an Emirates NBD credit card. Emirates NBD also offers secure payment services the payer can visit and clear the fees or Call 901 and pay with your credit card, you can also pay with mPay, and you can also make a payment to any Wall Street exchange in the UAE.

If a fine payer does not have access to the Internet or cannot pay a traffic fine online, they can clear the charge offline by visiting any police station or RTA department.

RTA fine inquiry fee

No fees are charged for RTA fines inquiries, but if the driver wants a paper receipt of the payment, a price of AED 5 is required.

How to enjoy the RTA penalty discount?

The RTA is the UAE offers up to 100% discount for motorists in Dubai and Ajman. Drivers who follow the traffic rules in these areas without violating them. To enjoy the cut, the driver must not break traffic rules for at least three months. Once the shortest period has been completed, the driver will receive a text message from the RTA department about the discount.

Drivers can visit the RTA website and provide necessary information such as license plate number or license plate number or fine number or traffic file number. You can get a list of traffic fines levied and select the fines you want to clear. The discount will increase accordingly. After applying the discount, you can remove the penalty.

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