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The Samsung Group is a Korean conglomerate. In 2014, the Samsung Group employed 489,000 employees. The group’s flagship product is Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest DRAM, NAND flash, SSD television, refrigerator, mobile phone and smartphone manufacturer. The name Samsung means “three stars” in Korean. Third, it is related to the positive attitude of many Koreans. ...The founder of the group, Lee Byung-chull, was strongly influenced by the Japanese economy and society, and chose the name in the 1930s, hoping that the company would be like the already powerful Japanese groups Mitsubishi (“three diamonds”) and Mitsui Group (“three diamonds”). After the company’s founder died in 1987, his third son, Li Kunxi, took over the chairman of the group. Since resigning in 2008 due to a scandal, the Samsung Group has been led by the CEOs of various companies.
Samsung Galaxy (spelling SAMSUNG Galaxy since 2015 and Samsung GALAXY before) is a series of smartphones, tablet phones, tablet computers, and wearable devices produced by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. of South Korea.
Since August 2011, the Samsung Galaxy series has been categorized into the following categories, although the term has not been used consistently for marketing reasons
Since August 2011, the Samsung Galaxy series has been classified into the following types, although the term has not always been used for marketing reasons
Device categories vary in display size and performance of the installed processor. Duo / Duo suffixed devices are suitable for two SIM cards, although they are usually reduced elsewhere compared to methods with the same name without “Duo.” Samsung’s standard operating system is Android.
Samsung phones in the UAE
Samsung in the UAE can be found in their authorized dealer stores, and these stores are in Dubai and Ajman.
Samsung phones price in Dubai
Samsung phones in UAE and Samsung phones price in Dubai are the same, and the price ranges in which the phones fall are 0-999 AED, 1000-1999 AED, 3000-4000 AED, 4499 AED.
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